9 Tips to Take Your Sales Productive Experience: Customer Retention Campaign


Most people spend a lot of time and effort trying to earn links, build relationships and encourage their visitors to convert. But after the results have been realized, they stop paying attention to the customer relationships. An old saying goes that it is cheaper to maintain an old customer than to acquire one. So, why don’t you put more effort into retaining the already existing customers? If you do this, you will enjoy more benefits. For instance, the old customers are more likely to convert as compared to the new ones. This is on top of the fact that happier customers will always refer their friends. They will spread the words online and thus improve your online reputation. You can use several strategies to begin your customer retention campaign

These are:

Welcoming Your Customer Retention Campaign

Customer Retention Campaign

If you want your customers to feel valued from the beginning, you should master the art of welcoming them. Therefore, you should ensure that you send your customer retention campaign a beautiful, welcoming email. This could be a simple message: Manage your time by setting a time to check-in with your customers. If you have a long-term relationship, it should be seen as an opportunity for you to send an email and lead by example. You can provide information about what needs to be updated for the guest or customer, so they to rest easy and not worry about their visitors.

  • Thank them for choosing your company
  • Remind them that they made the right decision to choose your company
  • Create anticipation by reminding them that your products or services can help to solve their problems.
  • Offer them the contact information that they can use to reach out in case they need anything.

Exceed customer expectations

Now that your customers are excited about your products and services, you should add to them the wow factor by fulfilling the part of the bargain. For instance, when you give your product mailing period 5 days, try to get the item there in 2 or 3 days. The customer will be happy to get more than they bargained for. You should also ensure that you remind them that you over-delivered.

Show them love

Show them love

This is where your skills in content marketing will be of help. You can create guides, helpful ebooks, online videos or anything else that the customer will find valuable and appreciate. You should occasionally email your customers once in a while with these added values. Be sure to continue offering the same even after closing the initial transaction.

Engage and delight

Be sure to use your community manager as they can help listen to what the customer is searching for and to their interest. Remember to answer your customer’s questions promptly, give kudos to people who engage you on social media, and ensure that your customers feel like part of your exclusive club. You can also have online contests for your customers or giveaways or host private webinars/hangouts where you answer questions or give useful advice. This can be helpful. It would help if you empowered your teams that offer customer service to address issues raised by the customers and rectify the situation even where customers show the slightest dissatisfaction.

Clever cross-sells

After building trust with your customers, it will be easy to cross-sell. However, you need to understand how to go about this. You will need to make your customers feel that you are helping them by suggesting other relevant products that can be used the same way their current product is. Cross-selling will be a potent marketing tool and will help you build the trust your customers need when they purchase yours. You will know how to do this during your marketing training session, as we cover this topic in more detail on page 110 of our eBook.

How To Build a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Successful Customer Experience Strategy

AI-based customer service software: Tidio, Solvvy, TrueLark, and Jitbit Helpdesk allows companies to generate content for their customers in real-time and at scale. This will help them to improve their overall customer experience. And increase their Sales Productive Experience.

How to use it?

When you want to create a customer retention campaign, there are 3 ways:

  • You can set up a campaign on your website or send it through email
  • You can set up an automated customer service task as well
  • Lastly, you can either configure the front-end web application of your company.

With the rise of AI, there is a possibility that we can build customer experience strategies based on artificial intelligence (AI). And machine learning (ML) to get better information from shoppers where and when they are looking, what they are doing while shopping in a store, and even more. However, there is still a significant gap between the current marketing techniques and AI.

Customer Experience Matters More Than Sales!

Customer Experience Matters More Than Sales!

Customer experience is not just a numbers game. It is what customers do and how they feel about the product or service. This section will cover the latest trends in customer experience design and explain how they can be used to boost conversions.

Customer experience design is only effective if applied consistently across the whole experience. Don’t be tempted to focus on one specific area of your site or business; consider all parts of the business.

“The customer experience is the main driver of your Sales Productive Experience. The more you can do to improve the customer experience, the more you will be able to drive sales.” – Alexey Sundberg, Vice President of North America Sales at Jabil Circuit.

This interview is part of a series that explores future trends in Sales Productive Experience. The series will focus on customer experience and eliminate barriers to success, in a marketplace loaded with information and competition.

The Problem of Unsatisfied Customers & Why it’s Important

Unsatisfied Customers

The problem of unsatisfied customers is a common challenge for all businesses. In the modern world, we have to deal with the fact that people are not satisfied with our products and services.

This section focuses on why it’s essential to solve this problem and how you can do it. It covers a variety of points related to unsatisfied customers, such as:

  • What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?
  • Why do I need one?
  • How to get started and the guidelines for getting it right?
  • Are Customers Satisfied with Your Company or Product?
  • Why are they Not?

Asking the Right Questions to Get Better Answers. The truth about customer satisfaction surveys is that you’re really measuring employee satisfaction. A survey can measure only two things: your employees’ perceptions of how they’re doing and the metrics you want to measure them against. It’s hard to say the same thing about customer satisfaction surveys that you do when measuring your employees’ perceptions of how they are doing.

How to Measure Customer Data Analytics

Customer Data Analytics

Companies are using cloud-based analytics software to generate customer data analytics. The more data that is gathered, the more value it brings. Companies like Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft have all invested heavily in customer analytics software. The companies are using customer data to help improve business operations. Customers can use these products to optimize email campaigns – Analyze your customers’ emails and determine which ones perform better than others.

You can target those customers with optimized promotions based on their email analytics. Optimize marketing campaigns – Company-wide data is used to connect customers more effectively. Data can find the best customers and prospects – Analyze existing customer data in real-time and create personalized offers, promotions, and other strategies accordingly. Provide better service – Customer behavior can be collected in real-time to help companies improve their response times and deliver more personal interactions.


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