Why PUBG Most Popular in India

With the release of several very massive videogames in recent years, the online world has burst into battle royale mayhem. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of them. Players’ Unknown Battleground, commonly known as PUBG, is a multiplayer game thatis played on 5 servers across the world. PUBG had outperformed practically every other game on Steam in terms of maximum users even before it was officially released. It overtook League of Legends, one of the most popular internet PC games, 4 months well before its formal release in August 2017. It was first released as a Computer game, officially known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but the mobile version quickly grew into one of the most downloaded and popular videogames on smartphones.

PUBG was launched on IOS and Android systems by Tencent Games.  On March 19, 2018, the game began a steady launch and rapidly became the most downloaded application on both systems. PUBG Mobile was quite popular in 2019, but the game’s installs and earnings have skyrocketed since the coronavirus epidemic.

When the globe fell into the first ever lockdown in March 2020, PUBG Mobile grossed $270 million per month in revenue.

Approximately 30 million players enjoy PUBG Mobile. When it was outlawed in India due to its rising political tension with China, it lost the majority of its user base. The game has its largest user fanbase in India. Despite being prohibited in India, it is extremely popular in other countries, including those where it is outlawed since gamers simply use a VPN to gain access. There are multiple reasons why Pubg is so popular in India:

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Using the Battle Royale Style

Battle Royale games are currently among the most popular online multiplayer games. The idea of battle royale games was inspired by the Japanese horror film Battle Royale, which was released in 2000. The plot revolves around a student group who are compelled to kill each other in an attempt to live under the Battle Royale laws. Gamers enjoy the battle royale style because it is extremely fast-paced and exciting. It requires you to think swiftly and make judgments. Every action you take in the game affects the result of the game. To achieve your aim, you will need to figure out your choices, understand how to scrounge for materials, and employ stealth and violence.

The idea is straightforward. You are joined by around 100 other players. You board an aircraft and are flown to an island, whereupon you land using a parachute. The instant your feet strike the earth, you must move, plunder, and gear yourself. The playing area will be surrounded by a circle that is creeping in on you. You’ll need to work with your squad to discover your adversaries and destroy them all.

 YouTuber Gaming Community

Gaming YouTube has grown beyond highlight reels and Let’s Plays. They started covering videogame news and offering their thoughts on it, which was previously only provided by gaming media. The YouTuber gamer community has a huge role to play in the why Pubg is so popular in India, giving the audience a lot of advantages:

  • Game reviews

Gamers nowadays have several sources for game reviews. You may read reviews on major and small game sites, but YouTube is one of the finest sites for reviews for people who prefer a more graphical medium.

  • Game theory

Among the most popular YouTube videos are those on game theory. These ideas provide explanations for certain events or people in gameplay.

  • Cutscenes:

Players don’t have to complete and beat games to witness cutscenes or title sequences; you can simply watch other players participate in the game or watch a bundle of cutscenes stitched into an easily consumable film. This allows users to get a feel for the game without actually playing it.

Many Interesting Features

Users will level up as they continue to play this game. This means one can enjoy the game in all of its complexities. Gamers are encouraged to complete as many accomplishments as possible to earn achievement credits. You may also personalize your character’s attire and create your distinct personality in the game.

Some major features which make the game more interesting are:

  • Remote Purchase
  • Trace
  • Lucky Backpack
  • Smoke of Healing
  • Vehicle Airdrop
  • Gliding Doll

Real-life Gameplay

The visuals on PUBG Mobile are significantly more realistic than those on Fortnite, as you may have seen or played before. Anything, from the equipment to the people to the locales, appears to be based on true life. This tends to make the game more engaging and dramatic, which is presumably why Pubg is so popular in India and choose it over other games. Their weaponry is incredible. To get the best accuracy, you must loot weapon pieces. For example, you must loot the silencer, red dot vision, scopes, and so on. They do not include a gun. This added to the game’s appeal.

Facts about PUBG

The Name:

Brendon Greene, a player himself, is PUBG’s primary developer.

Brendon has used “Player 1” as the player id in the majority of his previous entries. What he did was take a little creativity and tweak it to “Player Unknown” for the release, which resulted in the game’s current title.

The Violation:

If your account is detected breaching game rules by utilizing hackers, PUBG has harsh laws in place. If you are discovered in any such breach, the PUBGdevs can blacklist you for the following 100 years. The developers demonstrated their brutality by banning 30,000 gamers in a single day for minor offenses.

The Tale of the Chicken Dinner:

People often used bets to make money during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Every winner was thought to receive sufficient money to cover the cost of the chicken for the evening’s dinner. This popularized chicken as food for winners, which has been later rebranded, renamed, and eventually utilized as a slogan in PUBG.

Russia’s Pochinki:

Pochinki, the tournament’s most brutal battlefield, is a real site. Pochinki is the title given to several rural areas in Russia. Interestingly, the game’s Pochinki buildings are shaped by early Soviet architecture. 

Disadvantages of PUBG mobile:

2. The violence is intense.

PUBG has been criticized for being a violent game. Extreme violence can inspire violent ideas, feelings, and behavior, affecting the player’s psychological health. Many studies demonstrate that youngsters who spend the majority of their time playing online games are more likely to engage in violent conduct. As a result, a child’s personality is immature, and he or she exhibits maladaptive behaviors.

2. It results in game addiction.

Playing too much PUBG might reduce your productivity. Addiction to video games is not a new phenomenon, yet it is harmful to one’s mental health. Because of the excessive time spent in this game or other games, a kid may not realize his or her interest.

3. You may find yourself getting less socially and physically active.

Since many gamers spend the entire day playing PUBG because that why Pubg is so popular in India, they become less physically engaged. Among the most crucial aspects of a child’s life is recreational play. Outdoor sports help to develop a child’s individuality. However, this form of video game has an impact on participating in outdoor activities.

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