US Passport Issues When Applying for Travel

Generally, if you want to travel outside the United States, what are your passport issues when applying for travel? It is one thing to fill out the required paperwork, and it is quite another to wait for the approval. Applying for a visa/Passport can be a waiting game (sometimes up to six weeks). This makes it all the more frustrating if your application is not approved.

Knowing the expected hurdles you are likely to face in acquiring one will help you avoid problems that could lead to denial. All passport applications are received, reviewed, and granted – or rejected –through the U.S. Department of State. They also handle international relations matters for the US. You can see why passport application falls within their jurisdiction. Passports prove American citizenship and allow Americans to return to the US once they have left its borders. Passports also ask for the assistance of foreign governments and others to U.S. travelers. 

Passports are not needed to travel between U.S. states, but as of 2009, you need a passport to travel to the Caribbean and Canada. Passports have evolved over the years with their design and personal information. 

You have to arrange a passport holder photo, date of Birth, a passport number, and an electronic chip with all the information. The validity period of passports is 10 years, after which you will have to apply for a renewal.

Note: Read the terms and conditions while applying for a passport because the US Govt has extended the proceeding scheduled times due to being affected by COVID-19.  

Before applying for a passport, you should have the following in mind:

1. Give it time:

It can take up to 4 – 6 weeks from applying for a passport to when you have it in your hand for a non-expedited application. About 85% of applicants receive their passports within four weeks. 

However, you must note that the 1st day of February to Mid-July is the busiest application season. So give yourself plenty of time from start to finish, and prepare for the unexpected delay.

2. Ensure you provide the right information:

Filling out Form DS-11 is the first step toward applying for a passport. This should be done exhaustively, as leaving out any information – such as your social security number, could cause your application to be revoked. Furthermore, you must make available documents as proof of your US citizenship. They are documents such as a certified birth certificate (with both parent’s names in full), a previous US passport, a certificate of Birth abroad, or a certificate of naturalization or citizenship. 

If your document of proof is any but a previous passport or naturalization certificate, you will also be asked to provide a current driver’s license or government/military ID. Should you not possess any of the accepted documents mentioned above, put a call through to the US Department of State’s passport services department. They will let you know what other documents – if any – can be accepted as proof of your citizenship. 

Your application will be rejected without the DS-11 form and the requisite documents.

3. Follow the right payment procedure:

As of publication, the price for an adult passport stands at around $110. There is a $25 paid as an execution fee for first-time applicants or those applying at an acceptance facility. There are additional services, however, such as records searches and expedited services to overnight delivery services.

So, hold off on writing that check until you have added up all these extra charges. Check or money order – whatever payment you use – should be made payable to the Department of State. This is because if you pay the wrong amount or in the wrong way, your application for US Passport Issues for travel can be denied. Most facilities also provide the option of payment via debit card, credit card or cash – with cash, you will have to pay the exact amount in full. 

4. Sort out all legalities:

If you have a record (if you have been in the slammer) or owe child support payments, you might have their passport applications denied. If you owe above $2,500 in child support, you have to make arrangements with the state where the money is owed before going forward with your passport application.

It can take up to 3 weeks for your payment information to get to the passport office. So if you have been convicted of any crime, do well to first check with your parole officer to be sure that you are in good standing to apply for a passport.

5. Emergency passports are workable:

Say you need your passport renewed as a matter of emergency, or maybe you are applying for a new passport. There are a couple of options open to you. These options can help you to get your passport quickly. 

If you are traveling within the next 14 days or maybe need a VISA within the next 30 days, you would have more options to get your emergency passport in time for your trip. If it’s super urgent, then there are good numbers of government passport agencies websites that will be capable of issuing you a passport on the same day. But not only government websites, but there are also numerous sites like Rush Passport who provide expediting services for people to pay online quickly. This can only happen if you meet the prior stated requirements.

Since it’s urgent, the companies involved will need you to supply them with the correct information to complete the job on time. However, caution should be taken to ensure the right information is entered, so don’t rush the process. When you’ve done that, you will surely get your US passport without hassle.


 If you are a U.S. citizen, it is crucial to have a valid passport when traveling outside the United States. A passport is your proof of citizenship and allows you to travel freely without restrictions. If you lose your passport or it is stolen, there are steps that you can take to replace it as quickly as possible. The Children’s Passport Alert Program can help parents keep track of their children’s passports and make sure they are not lost or stolen while abroad. Fees for passports vary depending on the type of passport and how quickly it needs to be processed, so be sure to check the current fees before applying. If your application is denied, visit the US Passport Issues for travel and ask why you got rejected.

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