There are many ways that you can gain a larger number of followers on Twitter. If you follow someone, there is a chance they will follow back. Therefore, follow users who are into things that are topically relevant to your business and produce content that these types of individuals would be interested in. This is the standard way to gain new followers; however, many ways exist to enhance this basic strategy.

Let’s look at 9 of the more common methods right now.

1. Follow local tweeters

This suggestion is especially valid if you have a local store. You want to follow as many individuals from your local area as possible. Doing this will help spread your local marketing campaigns and improve the “word of mouth” factor you desperately need in your local area when your business starts.

  • Customize Twitter Local Trends
    Type: near:[your local business location]
  • Twitter Advance Search
  • Build Location-based Hashtags
    For example: #WashingtonDC #NewYorkCity #Sacramento #London

2. Follow larger brands

This is a great way to increase the interest in your business all over the country. You would still want to follow brands that are topically relevant to your business and stay away from your main competitors. You will also want to ask them to follow you back politely.

3. Always mention new people

When you mention new people in your tweets, you can increase the odds they will follow you back. However, you must give everyone who has not followed you back a certain amount of time before you unfollow them. By mentioning the names of people, your name appears in many more places and increases your overall exposure.

4. Use hashtags

Always use hashtags that are related to the subject. However, do not use too many, or you might be accused of being too spammy. Generally, you don’t want to use more than two or three per tweet.

For example:

5. Be informative

First and foremost, people want relevant information that interests them. If you give this valuable information daily, you will receive adequate attention and followers as your account continues to grow. Just remember not to post too much, or else you might become annoying to many people, and they might unfollow you.

6. Be inspirational

Many people enjoy being inspired often, so you should include several tweets to do this. What is even better is when you can post something that is relevant to your business and is still inspirational to the reader. This sort of thing is hard, but if you can do it, you should see great results over time.

7. Be interesting

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your content is of high quality so that it transcends its topical boundaries. Content like this sometimes grows viral. The key thing to remember about all content you post is that you are not only informative but also entertaining. This practice will also help gain followers from many other subject areas.

8. Audience and Compelling Bio

A compelling bio can help readers decide to follow you on Twitter.

It helps readers decide whether they want to follow you or not. A convincing bio will also help you attract new followers and get more attention on social media, especially in marketing, advertising, and Twitter engagement tips.

A confident opening sentence will tell your audience that you are an authoritative figure who can offer them valuable information. My name is Jessica X, and I am a marketing consultant with a passion for social media. Follow the right people on Twitter and engage them in multiple ways to optimize your marketing techniques.

Embed the infographic on your website! A convincing summary of the infographic content is sure to attract your audience.

9. Retweet Relevant to Your Brand or Audience

Retweeting your tweet helps encourage engagement, as you’re telling your fans to go back and re-read what you’ve said.

Retweeting can help you reach more people and build relationships with your followers. It also lets you stay relevant on Twitter by staying on top of new trends and conversations. Retweeting from others gives them a shoutout and allows you to retweet engage with them by liking or commenting on their tweet.

Is it better to Tweet or retweet?

Both options help engage the target audience, but retweeting is a crucial way to reach out quickly and share something useful.

A sweepstake on Twitter is easy to get your audience involved in your brand and build excitement.


  • New York Lottery -Fans retweet to enter
  • H&M -Suggest a fashion trend, and the winner receives a $500 H&M Giftcard
  • CollegeHumor -Enter to win a year of CollegeHumor Gold (access to the site, t-shirt, stickers, etc.)


Knowing if you need to increase your numbers quickly is always good. You can always get real Twitter engaging followers so that your account looks good when you are beginning new campaigns and don’t want to be embarrassed by your new accounts that still have relatively low numbers.

So have fun with your business Twitter account and use it in order to get the word out about your products and services.

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