9 Worst Mistakes Content

Writing is one of the most critical parts of SEO content writing. It is necessary to have a process that involves creating, editing, and publishing to ensure that the content wins over your site’s readers. Web. We invite you to discover the 9 most common Worst Mistakes Content Writers Make that can damage your strategy.

1. You forget about SEO

In addition to creating engaging content that correctly engages readers, you must optimize all texts for SEO. This will ensure the content of your web pages can be found more easily in search engines. Two of the most important aspects of incorporating SEO are:

Search keywords: these are the terms by which users would search and could find you. Make sure you choose those that are long-tail and adjust to each of the stages of the purchase process. In addition, you can rely on tools like SEMrush or Google’s keyword planner to find these terms.

Content designed for the user’s search intention: create content from the point of view of the needs of your target audience; this will mean that Google can show users your material promptly.

2. You focus on SEO but not on your readers

Focus on Content not SEO

 Now, the opposite happens, on many occasions, you will concentrate on optimizing the content for search engines, and you can leave aside the most important thing: the user.

It is good that you work on your site’s SEO to get positioning and quality traffic. However, you must remember that the robots that crawl and read the content of your pages will not be the ones who make any purchase or action that benefits your business. This is why you should write content for users.

For example, you should avoid falling into errors such as:

  • Excessively increasing the number of keywords to appear in different searches.
  • Not matching the keyword to the content interrupts the reading process.
  • Add a list of keywords at the end of each post.

3. You strive for product descriptions and not for the value proposition 

strive for product descriptions

It used to work before, but currently, such a scheme no longer works. Product descriptions should be the last thing you mention in your sales pitch, focus first on taking your prospect through the different stages of the buyer’s journey: discovery, consideration, and decision.

That way, people will understand why your product solves their problems and makes their lives easier. That is where you can generate an emotional connection with your clients, translating into an irresistible proposal to your prospects.

4. You do not review the texts you create

If you do not review the texts you have created on your blog, you may be damaging the entire content marketing blog since they may have errors. This will not directly harm your ranking in Google but will most likely damage your corporate image. 

That’s why to use the available tools: word, online text corrector, or if you have doubts about specific phrases, search Google. 

5. Overwhelming paragraphs: Worst Mistakes Content Writers Make

Overwhelming paragraphs

The first thing that users see counts; for this reason, the presentation of all the texts must be short and straightforward. Using very long paragraphs damages the reading and makes the reader run away from the content. To fix this, break those blocks of text into smaller sections.

In this way, your texts become easier to read and more superficial, making the user not want to leave the page.

When you use negative words in your texts, a negative impact is transmitted to the reader. Negativity and in general terms makes people less perceptible, less open, and less Positive.

Your blog content cannot sound like an advertisement. You’ll need to be subtle with calls to action to get prospects to decide and ultimately buy. Also, this will allow you to take your customers through a sales funnel.

6. You write thinking from your perspective and do not think about your buyer’s person

Sales Pitches

You are expected to make this mistake because the one who writes the texts is you. This happens when you create texts from your perspective, that is, from your needs, desires, or problems, and you do not focus on the issues and conditions of the target audience.

This hurts your sales pitches and other copy, as you’re unlikely to connect emotionally with your ideal buyer and make them identify with what they’ve read.

Keep in mind that to write on your corporate blog, you must define who your ideal buyer is and thus have content ideas and what could be arguments that can convince your audience. For example, if your target audience is a man who needs to increase hotel reservations for him, you

can use arguments such as:

  • Testimonials from previous clients.
  • Studies show how by using software that automates reservations, a hotel’s income has grown.

In conclusion, always think about your ideal buyer’s needs because he is the one you want to sell it to.

7. You are not consistent in the brand voice

Every company has a particular way of communicating with the public, and it is not right that each piece of content has a different way of addressing the audience. If you work alone on content creation, make sure that you use the same tone and the same type of writing and, if it is

with a team, ensure that everyone fully understands the style with which your brand addresses the public.

8. You use terms from your industry that can be complex

This is the error that can kill a large part of the readers who enter your page. If you use acronyms or strange terms that are necessary, write their meaning or link a link that tells your reader what it refers to, since if you use complex terms, you can confuse them and damage your entire communication strategy doing Worst Mistakes Content Writers Make.

To prevent this from happening, you can ask someone outside the company if they could read your content and, if so, tell you if it was easy to understand or not.

9. You do not have goals of what you want to achieve with each piece of content

All the content you create should be done with a defined purpose. If you create material that does not fit any objective, you may not be able to connect with any client or prospect since what you have written is not intended for any conversion.

To ensure that the content you have created has a defined objective, you can relate it to the stages of the buyer’s journey; in this way, you will know what you should direct its writing and creation towards, it will also allow you to understand what type of calls to action to add.

In some cases, when evaluating these objectives and giving a purpose to the content you create, you may realize that many of the pieces you thought to create are not as relevant and do not deserve to be created, so you will identify which is the most appropriate material to publish and the one that will possibly bring higher conversions. On the other hand, a piece of content can have different purposes. That is, in the same article, you can search for your customers’ positioning, visibility, and loyalty. 

Here is a complete list of content marketing goals:

  • positioning
  • Visibility
  • Subscription
  • Sales
  • Loyalty

You must verify that you are not failing in any of these errors since you may be losing clients and, at the same time damaging your online reputation. Also, do not forget the importance of developing the content marketing blog from the point of view of your ideal buyer. Avoid these “Worst Mistakes Content Writers Make” and position your brand through correct copywriting!

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