Surveillance for Baby Monitoring: Owlet Smart Sock and Base Station


As a parent, you must monitor to keep your child safe and healthy. Owlet has developed a product that does just that – the Owlet Smart Sock! Monitors your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels and sends alerts to your smartphone if there are any problems. Starting today, you can get Owlet’s Smart Sock for a special introductory price!

Attention: Owlet Smart Sock 3: Infant motion sensor detection helps babies stay close when parents are away. It will reduce the baby’s crying by about 80% and make your family more comfortable. The Owlet base station is designed to help parents see their precious baby from a distance of up to 170 feet.

Owlet Base Station charges the Smart Sock

Owlet Base Station charges

If you’re ever curious about how much juice your Smart Sock has left, check the LED lights on the Base Station. The lights will indicate how much battery life is gone in your Smart Sock. So there you have everything you need to know about charging your Smart Sock! Stay charged, and stay safe out there!

To charge your Smart Sock, follow these steps:

  • Plug the Base Station into the wall outlet.
  • Connect the Smart Sock to the Base Station using the micro USB cable.
  • The Smart Sock will begin charging.
  • Once the Smart Sock is fully charged, disconnect it from the Base Station.

You can check the status of your Smart Sock battery by going to Settings > Smart Sock on the app. A fully charged Smart Sock will last for up to 18 hours.

How Does it Work? Notifications Lights

Notification lights

The Base Station is the central hub of the Owlet Smart Sock system. It is where you’ll get an indication alert if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of the preset zones. The Base Station also has a series of lights that indicate different things:

  • The Base Station is powered on and working correctly with a solid white light.
  • A Flashing Red Light, the battery is low and needs to be charged.
  • A Solid Red Light at the Base Station is connected to the Smart Sock, but no data is received. This could be because the Smart Sock is not correctly positioned on the baby’s foot or because the battery is low.
  • Blue Light is Flashing: the Base Station is trying to communicate via Bluetooth with a nearby phone or tablet. And cannot communicate with your mobile device if this light is on. Ensure you are within range (30 feet) of the Base Station and that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • A yellow light: If you see a yellow light on your Base Station, it means we are receiving a reading from the sock, but we cannot process it. This usually happens when the Smart Sock is not positioned correctly on the baby’s foot. Try readjusting the sock and wait for the light to turn green.
  • A solid green light: are receiving data from the Smart Sock, and everything looks good! A slow pulsing green light indicates that your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels are in range.
  • A fast pulsing green light: Track your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels that exceed the preset limits. In this case, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile device.

How does Monitor Duo Work?

Owlet Monitor Duo and Cam

The Owlet Base Station uses pulse oximetry to measure your baby’s oxygen and heart rates. The Owlet App then analyzes this data and gives you a real-time view of your baby’s health. If your baby’s oxygen levels or heart rate are outside of the normal range, you will be notified so you can take action.

The Owlet Monitor Duo is the complete picture of tracking a baby’s health activities. The Owlet App tracks your baby’s oxygen levels, heartbeats, and sleep. You can also see how your baby’s health is trending over time. The Owlet App is the most comprehensive way to track a baby’s activities and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is safe and sound.

Smart Owlet Cam streams for Baby Monitor

The best technology to monitor your baby is through Owlet Cam secure connection to keep tracking from anywhere. Owlet Cam gives you peace of mind and the ability to see your baby anywhere in the home.

The Owlet Base Station is an all-in-one device that uses Owlet’s proprietary technology to monitor your baby’s vitals and provide real-time notifications if something appears to be wrong. The Owlet cam streams have various features to keep secure over the two-way with HD 1080p video to thoroughly analyze and identify at night vision and also have encrypted Wifi connection.

Here are some advantages of Owlet Cam Streams:

  • A clear view of baby: Owlet Cam’s high-definition, wide-angle lens Night vision so you can see your baby even in the dark Two-way audio to talk to and listen to your baby from anywhere. Receive real-time notifications if something appears to be the wrong Record and save precious memories.
  • Owlet Cam also offers sound and motion detection with push notifications. So if your baby is making any noise, you will be alerted through Owlet App.
  • Serious Security: Owlet Cam uses the most advanced security practices, including 2048-bit SSL/TLS encryption and Owlet’s proprietary Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
  • Trusted by Happy Parents: Owlet Cam is trusted by more than one million parents worldwide, and award-winning monitoring is one of the best technology.


The Owlet Smart Sock is a great way to watch your little ones while they sleep. With the ability to track heart rate and oxygen levels, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is resting safely. And if something unexpected happens, the Base Station will sound an alarm to let you know. You can also use the Monitor Duo system to monitor two children simultaneously. The Smart Sock is worth checking out if you’re looking for a reliable baby monitor with advanced features.

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