Pointers for Constructing a Team of Productive Freelancers for Your Business


Hiring employees isn’t the only way to augment your organization’s team. Enlisting independent contractors can offer excellent service with cost savings to you as a business owner and provide access to a global talent pool. Many others agree as reports show the number of freelancers booming. Discover how to find and oversee a productive group of freelancers for your firm.

Setting Up Your Business To Hire Independent Contractors

You need to position your enterprise to handle the paperwork and logistics of a team of freelancers in various locations. You’ll attract higher-tier talent when you operate as a credible, formal business structure. An expanded team opens your company up to unique legal risks. Forming an LLC offers you limited liability protection so that litigation can’t target your personal assets. The structure also provides tax advantages, flexibility, and minimal paperwork.

If you’d rather not handle the filing, hire a formation service. You could turn to a lawyer, but formation services are less expensive and just as qualified. Compare LLC reviews to find the top companies.

Before searching for workers, estimate project costs and set your budget. Though you may pay a higher hourly fee for a freelancer than an employee, remember you’re only paying them for their work and not slow times on the clock. Experienced contractors often finish jobs much quicker at higher quality, improving ROI.

Finding Quality Freelancers

The jobs you need freelancers for can alter the way you search. For short one-off projects, you can check freelance job boards where individuals post their profiles and discuss the task with candidates. Review their experience and portfolios. Ask how the individual would approach the assignment, the typical turnaround time, and work availability. 

If you are contracting for an ongoing position, you can peruse job boards, but you should also broaden your search through networking and job posts on social media, your website, and hiring sites. Write a comprehensive job description that lays out what you’re looking for to narrow applicants down to those with the qualifications. Your interview should include insightful questions that help determine how well you will work together.

Creating Equitable Contracts

“Handshake deals” and verbal agreements lead to confusion and unfulfilled expectations. Draft a contract stating that you are not in an employer-employee relationship. Specifying the project details, payment, deadlines, and each party’s rights protects you both.

A contract may be included if you’re hiring through a freelancer site. Otherwise, find contract templates online or get professional legal advice.

Onboarding Properly

Professionals may be skilled in their field, but they’re new to your business and culture. Take sufficient time to bring the person up to date with your company and culture, particularly if they will be long-term associates.

Keeping Communication Open

Foster a team atmosphere with your freelancers. Mutual success likely means a continuing and profitable relationship. Agree on how to communicate and respond promptly to questions and concerns. Offer constructive feedback on how to make the work fit your needs. Project management software may be an optimal way to keep the team coordinated.

Freelancers can be the optimal solution to expanding your company. To build a superb cohort of freelance workers, choose a business structure, find qualified candidates, draft contracts, keep communication open, and have a process for onboarding.

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