Multimedia Rules of Digital Marketing


To stay relevant in the fast-paced online environment, businesses need to embrace multimedia content as the primary means of communication with customers.

Business communications largely depend on the medium through which they are delivered. Print advertising has its own set of principles that doesn’t necessarily match with basic concepts used for TV campaigns. As businesses increasingly rely on the internet to expand the customer base and introduce new products, it is prudent to look into media formats best suited for this marketing channel.

Research shows that introducing rich media content increases effectiveness of the promotion for 600%, since as much as 60% of the website visitors will watch a video if it’s available and 22% will undertake further actions to learn more about its subject. With this in mind, business owners need to think beyond the traditional advertising channels and explore some of the available options for producing Multimedia Rules of Digital Marketing:

Video is your bread-and-butter now

Video Content

Creating and sharing video content has never been easier, as virtually any person with a smartphone and a Twitter account can do it within just a few minutes. As a consequence, modern generation of customers is accustomed to receiving information in video format and businesses that want to target younger audiences must be aware of this fact. Gone are the days when it was enough to put your logo on the homepage and show photos of your products, customers want to see your product in action now. Live streaming is taking things to another level, as you can now broadcast directly from important company events or your flagship stores.

Animation can depict anything

3D Video Animation

Big downside of video production is that its cost becomes prohibitive if the script is ambitious. No such problem exists with 3D animation, since skilled professionals can draw practically any image you can imagine. You want to show a transoceanic ship in your new commercial for cargo services? You don’t have to rent the ship and its crew if you know a capable animator. That’s why a top-rated animation studio can be a valuable ally on your quest to maintain the revenues on a high level and gradually conquer new markets. Animated format could help you overcome budget restrictions and showcase your strengths in a visually impressive manner.

Interactive Elements: Multimedia Rules of Digital Marketing

If you are looking for the ultimate ace to win you new clients, you need to adopt an interactive mindset. Forget about e-mailing customers when they have a technical problem – good websites provide customer support through live chat. Interactive maps, sortable data-tables and similar types of content are fantastic engagement tools to follow “multimedia rules of digital marketing” that implore users to find out more about the company and possibly make the purchase. In recent years, companies are even adopting gamification principles, imitating the motivational mechanics used in video games and rewarding their customers with badges, upgrades and bonuses of various kinds. The main idea is to get the user to develop emotional involvement with the brand, ensuring his continued loyalty and proactive disposition.


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