Motivational Startup Projects of Top 9 Richest Businessmen in the World


When it comes to talking about entrepreneurs, everyone wants to talk about the best startup projects of the 9 richest businessmen. Perhaps it is the same with fields other than business, but the impact is much more apparent in the world of entrepreneurs and business. Why is that so?

Mainly because the magnitude of competition and risk in this field is more than in any other area – more than 50% of startup founders fail within the first five years – especially if you are a sole trader because then the risk that you carry is not just limited to the business but extends to your personal belongings as well.


But of course, you could reduce your risk by moving on to bigger and better business forms such as partnerships or corporations. However, you must have the skill to carry out a world-class business no matter what, which often comes through formal education for most people. Contrary to popular beliefs that you do not need a degree to carry out a startup project, around 95% of successful entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree at the very least.

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Entrepreneur Businessmen:

However, it is not true that all businessmen worldwide have a bachelor’s degree to make it in the competitive environment of the entrepreneurial world. It seems that business intelligence is all that is not just restricted to the world of formal education, and sometimes, mere experience can be the guiding light for people who want to shine in the world of business.

Here are some of the richest businessmen globally. Who have made their mark on the world with their fantastic ideas and techniques:

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk Net Worth

He started his first startup business, Zip2, in 1995 and quickly made a name for himself in the tech industry and was also well-known for his top two brands such as Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Musk has a fantastic track record for running successful businesses worldwide with the biggest projects, including Zip2, Tesla Motors, and PayPal (PYPL). Musk also has invested in many other startup projects, such as Hyperloop One and OpenAI.

Musk is known for his ambitious goals and vision. He has said that his ultimate goal is to help make humans a multi-planetary species. To that end, he has been working on developing reusable rockets for SpaceX with the ultimate goal of making space travel more affordable and accessible.

Here are the Motivational Startup Projects of Elon Musk:

  • Tesla: electric car maker
  • SpaceX: rocket producer
  • Boring Company: tunneling startup
  • SolarCity: Energy Generation System

Musk’s net worth is $127 billion.

Boring Company, which Musk started in 2016 to build tunnels for high-speed transportation, has raised about $113 million. The company has completed a 1.14-mile test tunnel in Hawthorne, California.

2. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Net worth

You cannot talk about the wealthiest businessmen in the world and forget Mr. Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon. Jeff Bezos is not only the richest businessman around the world but also the richest person alive. His policies for Amazon have not only left a mark but have led Amazon to become the second US company to reach the 1 trillion dollar mark. Where Amazon was once just an online bookstore, it has now become a place to trade almost everything.

Jeff Bezos net worth is $151 Billion.

Here are the Inspirational Startup Projects of Jeff Bezos:

  • He started Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore, now the world’s largest online retailer.
  • In 2000, he launched Amazon Web Services, which became a significant cloud computing platform provider.
  • In 2013, he bought the most popular news magazine, “The Washington Post,” for $250M.
  • In 2014, he started other projects like Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company.
  • In 2015, he founded Amazon Prime Air, a drone delivery service.
  • In 2016, he inaugurated the world’s most mechanical 10,000-Year Clock designed to keep track of time for 10,000 years.
  • In 2018, he purchased Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion.

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3. Jack Ma

Jack Ma Net Worth

The most obedient and talented richest businessman Jack Ma has a net worth of $39.8 billion worldwide. He is the co-founder of B2B “Ali Baba” Group, which is leading the business in various countries to spread its eCommerce platform globally.  

Jack Ma is also the top-ranked most influential person in the world, according to Forbes news.

Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. 

Here are the Startup Projects of Jack Ma World Richest Businessman:

  1. AliExpress – An online B2C retail service eCommerce platform that offers influencers all retail items to international online buyers.
  2. Alibaba Cloud – Cloud computing services for businesses include data storage, software, networking, intelligence, and analytics.
  3. Taobao Marketplace – The largest online shopping destination in China.
  4. Tmall – An online retail platform for businesses and brands in China.
  5. – The largest online business-to-business trading platform in China.
  6. – An online wholesale marketplace in China.
  7. AliOS – A mobile operating system developed by Alibaba Group.
  8. DingTalk – A mobile and desktop base enterprise platform that provides business communication and collaboration services in china. This app has 100M, active users.
  9. Cainiao Network – A most popular logistics platform that was joint with eight others companies to help businesses track and manage their shipments. Now, Cainiao is one of the largest logistics companies in China.
  10. Alipay – An online payment platform used by businesses and consumers in China.

4. Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani net worth

One of the richest people in India, Adani’s net worth is estimated to be $75.6 billion, while Ambani’s is $75.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Adani is the chairman of Adani Group, a conglomerate interested in energy, logistics, agriculture, and real estate. The company also has a port in Mumbai and runs the largest coal-fired power plant in India.

Controversies have marked Adani’s journey to the top. He has been accused of corruption and environmental damage. 

Despite the controversies, Adani has been a key player in developing India’s infrastructure. He is credited with helping to build some of the country’s biggest airports and power plants.

Adani’s rise to the top of the business world is a remarkable story. He went on to build one of India’s most prominent businesses, interested in energy, logistics, agriculture, and real estate.

Here are Gautam Adani Startup Projects:

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone:

He started the two big projects, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ), a port development company that is part of the Adani Group in India. 

Adani Power:

Adani Power is an Indian private sector thermal power generation company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Adani Power was founded in 1996 by Gautam Adani.

Adani Enterprises:

Adani Enterprises is an Indian conglomerate located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Adani Enterprises was founded in 1988 by Gautam Adani.

Adani Transmission:

Adani Transmission is an Indian electric power transmission company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Adani Transmission was founded in 2007.

Adani Green Energy:

Adani Green Energy was founded in 2015 as an Indian renewable energy company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Adani Total Gas:

Adani Total Gas is an Indian natural gas company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Adani Total Gas was founded in 2016 by Gautam Adani.

As of March 2021, his net worth was estimated to be US$50.5 billion, making him the second richest well-known personality in India.

5. Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault Net worth

Arnault is the CEO of LVMH and top other Luxury brands, Louis Vuitton, Dior SE, etc.

The French national’s net worth is estimated to be $84.6 billion, making him the richest person in France and the fourth richest person globally.

In addition to his work in the luxury goods industry, Arnault has also invested in several startups. He is a minority shareholder in the e-commerce site Rue La La and has invested in the online jewelry retailer BaubleBar and the men’s clothing site Bonobos.

Arnault is known for his disciplined and demanding management style. He has been described as a “workaholic” who is “obsessed with detail” and expects the same dedication from his employees. Arnault is also known for his love of art and has amassed a collection that includes works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol.

Here are the Motivational Startup Projects of Bernard Arnault:

1. The world’s largest luxury goods company- LVMH

2. The holding company that controls 41.2% of LVMH- Christian Dior SE

3. His family-owned holding company, Groupe Familial Arnault.

4. The Arnault Family Office, which manages his investments

5. L Capital, a private equity fund

6. The luxury goods conglomerate- Bernard Arnault Group

7. Art foundation- Fondation Louis Vuitton

8. Real estate company- Immobiliere du Mont Blanc

9. French newspaper- Les Echos

10. The Financial Times

11. French business magazine- Challenges

12. Private investment company- TandemGroup

13. A wine business- Chateau Cheval Blanc

14. A champagne maker- Krug

6. Bill Gates

Bill Gates net worth

The co-founder of Microsoft and his work in philanthropy and investments have made him one of the world’s richest men, and his net worth is $114 billion.

But Gates is more than just a businessman; he’s also an accomplished philanthropist. Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he has dedicated his time and money to causes like global health and education.

His continued commitment to making the world a better place makes him one of the most inspiring billionaires alive today.

His startups have changed the landscape of various industries, and his work with philanthropy has helped billions of people around the globe.

Here are the Startup Projects of Bill Gates:

  1. Canadian National Railway- CNR is one of North America’s largest transportation companies, focusing on freight rail service. In 2015, Cascade Investment LLC purchased 9.9% of CNR for $2.8 billion.
  2. Deere- is leading agricultural machinery, construction, and forestry heavy equipment manufacturer. Cascade Investment LLC has owned shares of Deere since 2005, and as of 2018, Gates holds approximately 13.4 million shares.
  1. Republic Services- The largest provider of solid waste management services in the United States. Cascade Investment LLC has been a shareholder since 2008, and as of 2018, Gates owns approximately 33.3 million shares.
  1. AutoNation- The largest automotive retailer providing new or pre-owned vehicles in the United States, with over 300 locations nationwide. In October 2017, Cascade Investment LLC purchased a 3% stake in AutoNation for $824 million.
  1. Kinder Morgan- Energy infrastructure companies in North America. Cascade Investment LLC has been a shareholder since 2007, and as of 2018, Gates owns approximately 84 million shares.
  1. Ecolab- Is a global leader in water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services. In February 2018, Cascade Investment LLC purchased 4 million shares of Ecolab for $655 million.
  1. Waste Management- Provider of solid waste management services in North America. Cascade Investment LLC has been a shareholder since 2008, and as of 2018, Gates owns approximately 34.6 million shares.
  1. CF Industries- Leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer products. Cascade Investment LLC has been a shareholder since 2005, and as of 2018, Gates owns approximately 33.8 million shares.
  1. Grupo Televisa- Media company in Latin America that focuses on television programming and content in Spanish.

7. Warren Buffett

Bernard Arnault

No doubt that “Warren Buffett” is the richest businessman. The “Oracle of Omaha” has been amassing his fortune for decades, and his net worth currently stands at an estimated $102 billion.

But how did Buffett become so wealthy?

Much of Buffett’s wealth has come from his investing prowess. He’s legendary for his ability to pick winning stocks and make some smart investments in startups.

One of his most famous investments was in Berkshire Hathaway, a textile company that he bought a majority stake in 1962. Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway into a massive conglomerate interested in insurance, utility companies, and other businesses.

He’s a true legend in investing, and there’s no doubt he’ll continue to amass more wealth in the future.

Here are Inspiring Startup Projects of Warren Buffett:

  • In 1963, Buffett started buying shares in Berkshire Hathaway, a struggling textile company. He eventually became the majority shareholder and turned the company into a successful conglomerate interested in insurance, manufacturing, and investing.
  • In 1967, Buffett buying shares of GEICO, an insurer that was struggling at the time.
  • In 1971, Buffett started buying shares of The Washington Post Company. He eventually became the company’s largest shareholder and helped it become a successful media conglomerate.
  • In 1972, Buffett buying shares of Capital Cities/ABC, a struggling media company.
  • In 1979, Buffett started buying shares of Coca-Cola, a company that was struggling at the time.

These are just a few examples of the startups that Warren Buffett has been involved in. Warren Buffett is worth considering if you’re looking for someone to invest in your startup.

8. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison net worth

The most inspirational startups and businessmen are familiar with “Larry Ellison.” He’s the billionaire entrepreneur with the most successful startups worldwide. He has an estimated net worth of $92.7 billion and is the top 9th-ranked richest person.

Ellison dropped out of college after two years and moved to California in the 1960s. He started his career as a programmer for Amdahl Corporation, a leading computer hardware manufacturer.

In 1977, Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation, a software company that quickly became one of the most successful in the world. Oracle specializes in database management systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Ellison has been involved in many startups as an investor and a founder. He was an early investor in Google and co-founded several companies, including NetSuite and

Here are Startup Projects by Larry Ellison:

  • Ellison first gained prominence in the tech world as one of the co-founders of Oracle, which he started in 1977 with Bob Miner and Ed Oates.
  • He was also a co-founder of the computer hardware company Sun Microsystems in 1982.
  • Ellison has made other notable investments in startups, including $1 billion in Theranos, a company that promised to revolutionize blood testing and $150 million in Astounding Health. 
  • He is also a major investor in the electric car company Tesla by purchasing 3 million shares.
  • Ellison has also been a major player in the startup scene, and his investment firm, Ellison Ventures, has backed some big names over the years.
  • He’s also been an active philanthropist, donating billions of dollars to causes like medical research and education.

9. Larry Page

Larry Page net worth

The billionaire CEO of Google

Larry Page is the world’s richest businessman, with a net worth of $98.7 billion. He co-founded Alphabet, the holding company for Google, and In addition to his impressive business ventures, Page is also an active philanthropist. His notable projects include the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation and the Page Education Foundation.

He has invested in many companies, including Tesla and SpaceX. He is also a co-founder of the technology incubator “X.”

Page is known for his work on Google’s search engine. Larry Page is one of the most influential people in the technology industry. He has been developing some most popular products, including Android and YouTube.

He is a true visionary and a powerful force in the technology industry.

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Here are the Most Stunning Startup Projects of Larry Page:

  • Google: Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998. The search engine has since become the most used on the web.
  • Alphabet Inc.: In 2015, Page and Brin created Alphabet Inc., a holding company for all of their various businesses, including Google.
  • Android: Google acquired Android in 2005 and released it as a mobile phone operating system in 2008.
  • YouTube: In 2006, Google bought YouTube, the top freelance video submission platform.
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