McAfee Acquiring TunnelBear VPN

Considered to be the largest dedicated security technology company in the world, McAfee has confirmed that it has acquired a VPN or virtual private network. The VPN that it has acquired is TunnelBear. TunnelBear is based in Canada. The terms of McAfee and TunnelBear has not yet been disclosed. 


When it comes to online security, McAfee is the leading brand since its birth in 1987. It is known for its desktop antivirus software. 

In February 2017, Intel acquired the ownership of McAfee for a whopping 7.7 billion dollar. Because of this, it became a part of Intel Security Group. Later on, it separated and was launched as an independent company. However, even though independent, Intel still secured 49 percent share of the company. 

Free VPN like TunnelBear

Is TunnelBear a trusted VPN?

Definitely, YES!

Since its inception in 2011, TunnelBear VPN has been known in the market to be a VPN with bear animations that provides high online security. Based in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear is said to serve over 20 million people using mobile and desktop computers. 

It also has a password management product that is called RememBear app. 

TunnelBear is very profitable despite being known to not having any outside funding. So, it may have acquired a good offer from McAfee. 

McAfee acquiring Free Like TunnelBear

Acquiring TunnelBear is not the first acquisitions that it made since it became independent from Intel. In November, McAfee has bought Skyhigh Networks

You may be wondering why McAfee has acquired TunnelBear where in fact it has already a VPN named Safe Connect. 

According to reports, McAfee still needs TunnelBear to have a hardened network. McAfee does not have plans of absorbing TunnelBear. It plans to keep the brand and the app in the market as it is. This is because McAfee believes that TunnelBear is already a strong brand and has a steady market. With its strong features combined with McAfee’s Safe Connect VPN, the company will be able to produce the hardened network it has long envisioned. 

According to Christopher Young, McAfee’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with this acquisition it will be able to provide the highest online security to its users, especially now that online privacy threat continues to disrupt the internet. The threat is also evolving in volume and in complexity.

VPN is a great tool to hide your online activities and personal data from attackers. That is why there is a surge in VPN downloads in the past years. 

There are a lot of VPNs in the market and they continue to grow. Also, other platforms like ProtonMail has expanded their services. They have encrypted their mail platform by offering a VPN, to ensure a secured emailing communication

McAfee aims to introduce TunnelBear to consumer-focused business. This would be easy as TunnelBear has already branched out in this industry by introducing a VPN that is dedicated for teams. 

The acquisition may not be a good idea for TunnelBear’s current users. But this will not affect TunnelBear’s finances since it was acquired by a tech giant. 

TunnelBear founder Ryan Dochuk says despite the acquisition, it will still continue to develop its products and services. And with McAfee’s support, it will have enough resources to create better products. 

In the end, McAfee and TunnelBear VPN share the same passion and commitment in providing better privacy and security systems to its users. And their acquisition will provide new opportunities to develop stronger privacy and security practices. 

The Best Free VPN Like TunnelBear for 2023

There is a penalty for free VPNs like tunnelbear available on the market, but which one should you use? We will discuss the best Free VPN for 2023 and give you our top picks.

These VPNs services providers are incredibly reliable and have many features to offer, including a robust network of servers worldwide, unblocking support for a range of popular streaming services, protect your privacy and anonymity online. The wide range of servers provides excellent encryption with military-grade protocols. Plus, they have dedicated Mac and Windows applications that simplify setup. By blocking your region, protecting original IPs, ultra speed over 10 Gbps, defending the network from Cyber-attack, &, etc.

Why Use a VPN?

Protect your disguised data against online privacy threats, like malware and phishing scams, by hiding your true IP address and preventing hackers from tracking your online activities.

Using an encrypted VPN—to perform secure internet traffic or activities with military-grade 256-bit AES through dedicated servers—makes it difficult for others to track your activity. VPN allows you to access blocked websites and protect intercept data from cyber-attacks.

Many companies are hiring hackers and gathering data through ISP monthly to earn money to sell a high volume of your data while using your standard IPs on smartphones or even PCs/Laptops. It doesn’t matter while in incognito mode. Just get a secure VPN connection end-to-end encrypted to ensure all your activities will be saved by third parties to avoid selling any data.  

What Does VPN?

  1. Protecting disguising data
  2. Trustworthy encrypted while browsing or watching
  3. Secure data transfer without any interception
  4. Safe-Gaurd to rescue all Bio information

Tech giant partnering with other VPN providers

McAfee is not the only tech giant that tries to acquire VPN products. Recently, Mozilla has also confirmed its partnership with a popular VPN – ProtonVPN

Mozilla will be offering ProtonVPN’s services by putting it as an extension to its Firefox. If a user is using an updated version of Firefox and is browsing in an unsecured network, an ad will pop up on the left side of the browser offering the user to subscribe to ProtonVPN’s services. 

It will be $10 a month. All proceeds of the profit is said to come all to Mozilla. In return, ProtonVPN will have the edge of having access to millions of users of Mozilla, making it more popular in the market. 

The best VPNs in the market

Is TunnelBear no longer free?

It’s FREE VPN like TunnelBear, and could be used for single device.

As mentioned, there are a lot of VPN apps and software in the market today. Some are free and some are available at premium prices.

However, the community is being reminded to be vigilant in choosing the right VPN for their devices. 

There are malware today that are hiding in the form of VPNs. Not only that, some VPNs, even the famous ones, have been reported to have system vulnerabilities. 

That is why, when choosing the right proxy, it is better to check some of these considerations. 

One, if the VPN service provider is keeping logs of your activities and information. Some VPN service providers have strict no log policy while others are taking this policy lightly. 

Keeping and documenting logs can pose a risk on online privacy. These logs can be used to track activities and information about the user. 

Second, if the VPN service provider has a tool in tracking usage abuse. VPN service providers should be able to identify any abuse and be able to fix it in order to avoid potential connection leaks. 

Third, does the VPN company has its own servers? Or does it outsource? There are VPN companies who outsource with other data centers to accommodate its hundreds or thousands or even millions of users.

Fourth, the VPN should have a kill switch feature that can be enabled in the event that there is a connection or DNS leak. 

Lastly, ask about their payment method. Are they accepting credit cards, online transactions or cryptocurrencies? Some prefer cryptocurrencies as it hides people’s information as well as its online transactions. 

These are just some of the things that you need to think of when choosing the right VPN. Be careful with free VPNs in the market. Also, check out news on some updates in the industry to be updated with the bugs or vulnerabilities in some of these VPN systems. 

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