Increase Email Open Rates by 20%

Think again if you think the key to a successful email campaign is a massive list of email addresses. You may have compiled the hottest email list ever, and you may have the most impressive and important information in the world contained in your latest email blast. Still, your campaign is useless if your recipients don’t read your email. 

And they can’t read it if they don’t open it.

As you can see, the challenge is writing a compelling title or subject line that grabs people with short hair and makes them click to open the email. Here are some tips to help you craft an email subject line message that gets the attention you need to succeed in increasing email open rates by 20%:

Pro Tips: Most email subscribers are demanding something new or change to hit on their Inbox. In 2020, the average email open rate was 21.3%, and in 2021, the open rate decreased by 16%, with a 10.29% CTR, due to spam email content hitting the entire industry.  

Personalize the Subject Line

This works for obvious reasons – everyone likes the sight and sound of their name. Studies have shown that including a city name and the recipient’s first or last name increases open rates by up to 25 percent.

You don’t have to enter each name in the subject line manually. There are many free services for organizing and sending mass emails, such as Mailchimp, where templates are provided for the personalization and localization of emails and subject lines.

Follow the “Subject Lines” instructions to increase your email open rates by 30%-40%. 

  • Keep your short and eye-catchy subject line.
  • Add some actionable points on the preheader like: 
  • Avoid adding spamming keywords to prevent going on the Spam Folder, such as “Get 20% OFF” or “FREE Download Course,” etc. 
  • Ask questionable subject lines similar to “Are you going to School from 1st Nov.”
  • Write a clear “Call to Action” subject line to your subscriber without confusion. 

In addition, free email scrapers extract all the email addresses from any web pages you choose, saving you many hours of manual labor. Yes, email scraper is playing a vital role here.

Make the Subject Line Short and Sweet

Most people scan the subject lines in their new emails, so don’t count on your subscribers wading through a lengthy subject line to figure out if they want to open it. Experts recommend a subject line of 50 characters or less, so make every word count.

To do so, craft subject lines that:

  • Get straight to the point
  • Use urgency
  • Create a sense of exclusivity
  • Appeal to emotions
  • Personalize the email

Following these email subject line tips can dramatically increase your email open rates and get your subscribers to take action.

Let’s say you have an Online invoicing for an expense tracking system, and you are dying to let your previous customers and contacts know which of the following subject lines you think would have a better open rate:

A) Customized Invoicing and Expense Tracking for Freelancer

B) Professional Invoices and Receipts Online

The second line is about 50 characters long and would seem like the better choice, but you won’t know for sure until you do A/B testing. The concept is simple: you send the email with subject line A to half your list and with subject line B to the other half. You must keep careful records of the results to perfect your title writing skills.

Use a Friendly Sender Name

There are so much spam flooding inboxes nowadays that people are reluctant to open emails from unfamiliar or corporate-sounding senders. Remember that your sender name is part of your subject line, and the aim is to get your email opened and read, so pick an inviting, familiar name. Research at the HubSpot website proved that emails sent from “Eric Carlton, HubSpot” had about 20 percent higher open rates and clickthrough rates than emails sent from “HubSpot”.

Do your A/B testing, experiment with creative, attention-grabbing titles, and always let your recipients know they will benefit by immediately opening your email.

Most Open Rates by Device

If you are a marketer and want to increase your open rates by 200%, then prepare your email marketing plan and strategies.

For example, what’s your niche, target location, and device, and which industry would you like to reach out to?

Firstly, Let’s talk about the devices, customize the email template, and create an exciting or short script to blast.

Mobile: You can’t imagine email open rates are increased by 81% on mobile devices. Because It’s an instant way to read on mobile devices without any hassle with user-friendly email and is written in straightforward ways to understand, mostly 80% of marketers failed to reach the target audience and took a tremendous bounce rate and immediately deleted emails by subscribers. 

Reason: Not optimized for mobile friendly, UX Experienced is 0%.

Desktop: in 2021, only 19% of average open rates from the desktop compared to mobile devices. Most entrepreneurs utilize mobile devices while traveling, and open email rates have been reduced for desktop users. Why is that happening?

Reason: from 2011-2017, the available ratio was 73%, and now, we revert to mobile devices because all audiences are converted into smartphone devices, so we’ve to prepare the smart techniques to grow higher open rates. 

Pro Tips: Change your email marketing strategy to increase 80% success rates using smartphone influencers.

Retargeting Your Subject Lines

To retarget email marketing, you must first identify your email list segments. Once you know who your target audience is, you can then craft email messages that are specifically tailored to them. Email marketing aims to build relationships, encourage customers to make purchases, and control overcoming rejections.

The benefits of retargeting are:

  1. Increase open email rates by up to 30%.
  2. Increase email click-through rates by up to 50%.
  3. You can improve email deliverability by ensuring your messages reach the inbox.
  4. Boost customer engagement with your brand.

When it comes to email subject lines, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Use emojis sparingly: Emojis can be a great way to add personality to your email subject lines, but use them sparingly.

Keep it short and sweet: email subject lines should be no longer than 50 characters. You risk your email subject line getting cut off in the inbox.

Use power words: That evoke an emotional response.

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