dating relationship for business

There are various skills that you use when you are involved in the dating scene. Once many of these skills have been correctly mastered, they can be transferred to many other areas of life. It is also important to realize that many of the dating skills you acquire can also be employed in the realms of the business world—more specifically, in the area of business communications.

This is because there are many similarities between business deals and dating. Some would even say that once a relationship enters a certain stage of development, it becomes a type of arrangement that is sort of like a business deal in many ways. That is why it is important to note that you can improve your communication skills in the business world by applying the various experiences that you’ve had while dating others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your Observation, Interpretation, and Evaluation
  • Honest communication will increase trust and Better conflict resolution in relationships. Even sharing your happiness or sadness and love matters. It ultimately depends on your trust relationship. 
  • How could you recognize communication styles? Here are a few styles (Passive, Aggressive, Passive-Aggressive, and Assertive)
  • Dating communication will be effective for your workplace such as Written/Oral, and Nonverbal communication, Listening skills
  • Improve better relationships with employees and clients for business matters. 


Before any business deal, you have to prepare in an appropriate manner. This involves researching all of the appropriate information and then having it available at your fingertips during discussions with the client. It is the same with dating. You generally find out what you can about your date from friends and social media, so you can have plenty of things to talk about. Therefore, many of the ways that you discuss things with your date, and the way you present yourself can be directly applied to many of the ways you communicate in business situations where you have performed the correct amount of research.


Dating often involves negotiation. When trying to decide where to go for dinner, or when discussing what to do after a movie, there is often the element of give and take that usually involves compromise and a certain amount of deal making. In a similar manner, there is also a strong element of negotiation during many kinds of business deals. Therefore, it is quite clear how the negotiating skills that you acquire in the dating world can be transferred to the business world.


There are several ways to network when you are actively dating others and provide a way for rich people to network, and other similar types of websites provide even more platforms that allow for single individuals to communicate with each other. You can also get to know many of the same people in the various circles of friends that you and you dating partner(s) are part of.

The same is true with business relationships. You can network with other businesses online, and you can also find out about other firms by doing business with organizations that you and these other firms have both had relationships with.


So when you are talking to your date or talking to an executive of another company, you can draw upon the same communicative abilities that involve research, negotiating and other forms of interaction. So be creative and always realize that you can always be learning more while you are gaining new communication skills that can be used in more than just one place. By doing so, you will have a more healthy and active dating life and business career.

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