How to Remove Ghost Followers from Instagram


You will spend hours making the perfect Instagram post. The type of post that should get thousands of likes and comments. You share the post on Instagram and expect that level of engagement, just like always.

However, this time around you do not get that same level of engagement. In fact, your engagement is much lower than usual. No matter what you do to change it, your engagement is always low. 

If this is what your Instagram situation looks like, then you might have too many ghost followers on Instagram.

What is a ghost follower?

A ghost follower, also known as an inactive follower, is simply an account that follows you that is no longer active. This could be because the user does not use Instagram anymore or the account was created with nefarious purposes. 

Many ghost followers are a result of paying a service to increase your follower count. These bought followers are not real accounts. They are accounts created with a computer script and their only purpose is to follow accounts, not to like content.

Whatever the case may be, these accounts increase your follower count but decrease your engagement rate.

Are ghost followers bad?

Are ghost followers bad

They are not necessarily bad. Some Instagram users do not mind ghost followers because they increase their follower count. 

However, they do not engage with the content you post, which lowers your engagement rate. Engagement rate is a much more useful metric than the raw follower count, so most people want to get rid of their ghost followers.

This is especially true for Instagram influencers and businesses on Instagram. A low engagement rate is often worse than a low follower rate. Most Instagram users see a low engagement and just assume that it is because of purchased followers, which is usually the case.

Anyway, most Instagram users want to remove ghost followers for this reason. This is especially true for Instagram users that did not purchase followers, but somehow ended up with thousands of ghost followers anyway. Frequently the computer scripts responsible for following accounts will make a mistake and follow the wrong account.

Does a lower engagement rate do anything?

Yes. A lower engagement rate is terrible.

Instagram hates users with low engagement rates for a few different reasons.

First, the lower engagement rate means that the content is probably bad. Instagram does not want to show bad content. So they will not promote your content across the platform.

However, remember that Instagram changed how the news feed algorithm works and what content gets shown on the news feed. 

It is no longer a chronological news feed. Instead, Instagram uses a similar model to Facebook where they put the content that has the highest engagement at the top and content with the lower engagement at the bottom. This means that you can longer rely on posting content and having it appear at the top of the news feed. You now have to focus on creating a valuable account or else Instagram will just suppress all your posts.

This means your content will appear lower all over Instagram, not just on hashtag search and Discovery. The end effect is that you have even more problems than just low engagement. Your growth rate will slow down as fewer people see your content. Not to mention your engagement rate will drop even further as fewer people will even have the option to engage with your content. This is why people want to know where to buy Instagram followers to replace these ghost followers.

The other reason Instagram hates low engagement is that it is often an indicator that an account has purchased fake followers. Instagram does not reward accounts that have broken the rules, so you cannot expect to do well on Instagram if you have a low engagement rate. Plus, accounts that buy followers will often do it with the intention of promoting content that might be harmful to users, which is something that Instagram wants to prevent. 

Those are the two main reasons you should avoid having a low engagement rate. In fact, you should do everything possible to increase your engagement rate. 

This means that you should remove ghost followers from Instagram accounts. It is much easier to remove ghost accounts than it is to post engaging content. Plus, posting great content is useless if Instagram will just push it to the bottom of the news feed. 

Why is this a problem?

Having a high follower count is important for two reasons:

1) It makes you look more popular: let’s face it, we’re all a little vain. If you see that someone has 10,000 followers, you will subconsciously think they’re more popular than someone with 1,000 followers.

2) It gives you social proof: The psychological phenomenon whereby we are getting something others are doing it. So, if you identify that any influencer or celebrity has huge followers, you’re more likely to follow them.

Ghost followers undermine both of these things. They make you look less popular (because they’re not engaging with your content) and reduce your social proof (because they’re not real people).

How to remove ghost followers from Instagram?

Remove Ghost Followers from Instagram

Removing ghost followers is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming. 

You cannot just email Instagram and ask them to remove the accounts. That is not how it works.

Instead, you must remove the accounts yourself.

The long way is to manually go through your followers and look for accounts that have no profile picture, no followers, and no content on their account. These accounts are generally fake accounts, so you can safely block them without consequence. Blocking these accounts removes them from your followers’ list.

Now, the problem with this strategy is that it can take a long time. Sure, if you have one thousand followers, then it is not too time-consuming. However, if you have 60,000 followers, then it is unreasonable to go through all your Instagram followers manually.

The fast way to do it involves using an app that can identify ghost followers. For example, Ghostbabble is an app that can identify suspected ghost followers. It then gives you the option to review these accounts and block them.

Yes, it really is that easy to remove ghost followers from Instagram. 

another way to remove ghost followers from social Apps like Social Audit Pro or Crowdfire.

The first step is to identify your ghost followers, review your follower list, and see who has never liked or commented on your content. Another way to identify ghost followers is to look at your engagement metrics.

If you have a high number of followers but a low number of likes and comments, that’s a good sign that you have a lot of ghost followers.

Once you’ve identified who your ghost followers are, you can start the process of unfollowing them. To do a mass unfollow of ghost followers, you can use a tool like Social Audit Pro or Crowdfire that will allow you to quickly unfollow large numbers of people who are not following you back or have not engaged with your content.

Simply, login with your Instagram account and give the app permission to access your account. Then, go to the “Non-Followers” tab and start unfollowing people who don’t follow you back.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ghost followers are a problem on Instagram. They lower your engagement rate, which the Instagram algorithm does not like.

Instagram will actively suppress your posts if they have low engagement. So, many users have decided to go through the trouble of removing ghost followers from Instagram.

The two options are manually blocking ghost followers or using an app that can identify and block ghost followers. 

Both options work, but the app is definitely the faster way to rid your account of ghost followers.

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