Increase Engagement on Twitter

You waste your valuable time and resources if you are not engaging people on Twitter. The whole point of Twitter is to both inform and interact. However, if you are not getting the engagement you want, then there are several things you can do to improve the engagement ratio by 0.045%.

1. Tweetup to four times a day

Many firms have studied Twitter usage, and most will advise that the “sweet spot” for tweets is about four per day. Anything over that is considered to be far too aggressive. In fact, you will probably have trouble gaining followers if they see that you have already tweeted over a dozen times that day. Nobody wants their feed cluttered.

2. Tweet images

Several studies have found that you can drastically increase the number of retweets your tweet will receive by including an image. An image is more stunning than regular text, so it is more likely to catch a person’s attention.

Using images in your tweets helps you add life and color to your tweets. Images convey emotions and increase engagement.

Twitter Images:

1. Engage your audience.

2. Create a visual element in your tweet.

3. Invoke emotions.

4. Increase reach of your tweet.

3. Leave room for commentary

By leaving a few characters for the words of others, your tweets are more retweet friendly. So be polite and leave a little space for others to say something when they share your tweet with their followers.

A lot of recent research clearly shows that tweets with excellent links can get almost twice as many retweets. This one factor alone increases your Twitter engagement levels to a much higher degree, so it would be something you should start doing if you don’t do it already.

5. Ask for retweets

Although this seems like a simple thing to do, it’s not done as frequently as you would expect. However, this technique works great for many businesses, from pet dealers to online consignment stores to florists. So ask for a bit of affection, and you’ll be surprised at the attention you receive.

6. Tweet during the day

Tweets made between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. generally receive far more views than tweets made during odd hours. Therefore, don’t send your tweets out to night owls.

There are many reasons why you should tweet during the day but not at night.

  • Tweeting during the day will help increase your reach because people are more likely to be online and check out their social media feeds during that time.
  • People are more likely to engage with your tweets because they’re less tired and stressed from the workday. 
  • The best times for tweeting tend to be in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours

Tweets during the day are more likely to be seen by your followers, and they are more likely to interact with you. The more interactions you get, the higher your chances of getting followers and reaching out to them with engaging content.

7. Use up to two hashtags per tweet.

Hashtags are probably the best way to increase your engagement on Twitter. However, it would help if you were careful that you don’t overdo it because tweets with more than two hashtags receive less engagement.

To begin using hashtags in your tweets, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your tweet has a clear message and purpose
  • Research trending topics on Twitter and make sure that you are using one that will have people interested in clicking on your tweet
  • Be creative with the hashtag that you choose
  • Tracking conversations about topics that matter to you

8. Ask questions

Everybody likes to show the world that they are smart, so ask questions and give them the chance to prove it. When you ask someone to answer a question, you increase the possibility that they will respond.

9. Have a great bio

A neat bio is everything, and have a short little bio that is fun. Don’t try to be cute or clever by using obfuscatory meanderings or jargon; just have a bio that tells it like it is.

Finally, use quotes if you don’t have anything else to say. Quotes are easy to have fantastic content with little or no effort. All you have to do is cut, paste, and comment, and you will probably generate more comments and retweets than you originally thought.

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