How to Get Jasper or Jarvis AI 10K Free Trial Credits with Boss Mode Features


Do you want 10,000 credits for your Jasper AI free trial with BossMode features? It’s simple and easy! Jasper is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that can help you write marketing copy, blog posts, Ads, social media updates, and more. With Boss Mode, you can write high-quality, engaging Content that’s 100% original and SEO optimized.

Well, AI writing assistants have rapidly grown in digital marketing sectors to help marketers, influencers, and especially Bloggers, who are always looking to expand more trustworthy Content with an AI robot that has written your Content. 

Today, According to resources, the AI writing market is expected to reach $359.8 million in 2020. It is further projected to grow by $1,022.3 million by 2028, an increasing CAGR of 14.2% during the trending forecast period of AI copywriting software.

Let’s talk about Jasper (Formerly Jarvis), The most trending and demanding AI copywriting tool globally and expected to capture 80% of the Artificial market. However, every business sector requires absolute audience attention to content that can narrow the target customers by copywriting.

We will write a step-by-step strategy for getting Jarvis AI 10,000 Free Credit with Boss Mode Features.

Before getting the Jasper AI writing assistant, Do you know how Jasper ( works?

Jasper is an Artificial Intelligent tool, and they have helped thousands of top-rated trusted companies like Hubspot, Google, IBM, Airbnb, Autodesk, Promo, and many more. 

How Does Jarvis/Jasper Work?

Jasper works with the world’s best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts to learn how to write blog articles, social posts, copywriting, and more. Jasper is constantly learning and improving their skills to provide his clients with the best possible content.

Jasper AI is an excellent option if you’re looking for someone to help you with your content needs. You can save time and money while still delivering quality results such as:

  1. Conversational Ad Copy Writing and boost sales 
  2. SEO Friendly content writing and optimized in search Rankings
  3. Jasper reports 10x faster. Just type a custom query and click to Compose/Generate
  4. No languages barrier; write original and modern Content in up to 25 languages
  5. Jasper came with a new Art feature, write your custom command, and generate an image in a second

6 Steps to activate Jarvis 10K Free Credits Trial with Boss Mode Feature

Activating a Jarvis trial isn’t tough to read any guidelines and watch tutorials to create an account. Anybuddy with zero experience built a Jasper 10,000 Free Credit Trial account with Boss Mode. Just keep an eye on your screen that how to activate the powerful AI copywriting robotic free trial by following these steps:

Step 1: 

If you don’t know where the Free Trial page is after visiting the Jasper website, then just type “Jasper Free Trial” on Google and press enter. As you see, the top of the Jasper links in the below image:

Google search jarvis


Don’t be confused and look around the whole page to analyze where the Jasper Trial is.

Click on the “Try for Free” link at the top of the right corner.  

An alternate option is to click on Claim 10,000 Words Free and get started to avail Jarvis Free Trial. 

Jasper Free Trial Account

Step 2:

Now, you’re standing on the “Sign Up” page and filling in the required basic info during the registration. That’s necessary for every community platform where you have been asked to “Signup or Registration” to verify your identity. 


Another option is to go with an existing Google account and proceed to the next step. 

Create an Account with Jasper

Step 3:

Now type your company name as well as Domain, If available, otherwise click on the “Continue” link to the next level. 

Remember: It’s unnecessary to have a complete Company Bio or Domain to further proceedings but try to put information about your company.

Tell us your company info

Step 4:

They present many options for choosing which category you want to go with. For example, If you are a blogger, select the Blog posts, Email, and Website Content options. 

If you’re an advertiser, choose Ads, Social Posts, and others.

Plan to use Jasper

Let’s take a look at the next step.

Step 5:

Now, in front of you, There are two “Jasper Free Trial” Packages available Free of cost for 5 Days trial period without any hidden charges. 

You have to decide which one is workable according to your needs.

Try it for free jasper

Starter: Marketers and advertising companies are always looking for more creative Content to catch their audiences with these copywriting features:

  • Creative Ads Writing
  • Q&A writing
  • Video Scripting
  • Social Posts
  • Email Marketing content to lead generate
  • Up to 6 Languages as per your selection

Boss Mode: One of the most demanding by Influencers and Bloggers because they’re giving everything in one “Boss Mode” package. 

For Example:

  • Long-form Writing Assistant
  • Meta Data Generate
  • Sales and Copywriting
  • All kinds of Scripting
  • Blog Title and Conclusion
  • PAS (Problem Agitate Solution)
  • AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • One Shot Blog Post
  • Tone Detector

I suggest using AI copywriting Assistant with Jasper (Formerly Boss Mode to acquire full advantages of every size of small or large businesses.

Step 6:

Finally, You’re in the last stage to obtain “ 10k Free Credits with Boss Mode Feature“. 

Just filling in the accurate credit card details to achieve this offer. Don’t be smart to insert Demo or Fake payment info. Jasper is completely secured with zero tolerance after adding the full payment details requested to start the trial period. 

Note: Don’t be afraid to append payment details in Jasper to ensure it is secure or not. The world’s most well-known organizations are deploying Jasper without any fraudulent activities. 

Credit Card Details

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded a full-featured Boss Mode Trial Account for 5 Days.

Full “Boss Mode” featured in your trial account includes 10,000-word limits. 

As you saw on Dashboard, “Jasper has offered the bonus of 5,000 credits once you upgrade your plan before the end of the five trial days.

Free Credit Bonus

Expressive credit limit use, how many words you have generated, and how many remaining are left. Go to Dashboard > Scroll down > Credit Balance.

Credit Balance

Do always work with templates and be able to select more than 60+ built-in command base blocks. Just choose any module and input anything you want to write about. 

Note: Strong input is equal to more powerful creative output.  

Jasper Templates

Few Reasons Why Activated Boss Mode

It’s an ample opportunity for bloggers and influencers to get Boss Mode (Long-form Content) AI writing. Mostly, users don’t exactly know how Long-form documents help bloggers. They want to write high-quality content with their own commands. You must know how to write an efficient article using a command prompt. 

By clicking Boss Mode documents, You’ll have two options: Start from Scratch or Blog Post Workflow.”

Create a Document for Boss Mode

If you are a beginner, then you must choose a 2nd option, “Blog Post workflow,” because Jasper helps to write informative Content and let us know step by step procedure.

Describe the content idea that you have in mind and place a belief in the command box. Don’t try to add abuse, offensive, and sexual idea to generate the expected output. Jasper robot is clever in identifying and prohibiting restricted keywords, which are banned by robots and search engines.

Add Keywords to target your subject, tell the robot what you want to write about it, and click on the “Continue” button. 

For Example:

Look at the instructed image and how to describe content ideas in the command box, including target keywords.

Describe the content idea


Do you have any blog Title/Topic for writing about accordingly? 

No? Don’t Worry! 

Just click on the “Generate Ideas” button and see what Jasper suggests as attractive “Titles” according to the described commands. 

Click “Use this one” by selecting the desired title to continue to the next step.


You also may add a manual title on the input box and click to “Use this one” to go ahead.

Blog post Title


After generating titles, you are on the next stage to produce an article summary that Jasper AI will yield 2-3 unique Intros about your niche related as you requested. 

Select anyone by clicking on the “Use this one” button and go ahead on documents editor mode.

Intro paragraph

Welcome to Boss Mode Editor, “Now, you have full access to doing anything based on your requested query.” 

Let me share some real-time examples of how Jasper’s “Boss Mode” helps to write 5x faster Content by clicking on the “Compose” button, and Jasper will analyze the Content to deliver as much output as possible. 

Suppose you want to write an article about “Content Marketing” and don’t even know where you need to start writing, generate outlines, conclusion &, etc. 

Goto Jasper or Jarvis dashboard > click on the “Recipe” link, and plenty of Recipe templates are available. Just choose whatever you want to write about because you have full access to choosing Recipes.

Let’s say I need a blog post for writing long-form documents, then I have to select “Blog Post Recipe” and import the complete script into a Long-form document.

Here is a blog postscript:

Recipe CMD

Do you want to learn how it works with “Recipe Script”?

Watch this video by Jasper (Formerly

Why Should I Use Jasper Boss Mode 10K Free Credits?

There are many advantages to working with Jasper’s “Boss Mode” features like writing 5x faster, high-quality content, Grammar fixing, Rephrasing, Plagiarism checker, etc.

However, the Jasper Boss Mode feature doesn’t include the plagiarism checker. You have to buy 20$ credits to activate plagiarism to work on the same documents. 

Plagiarism checker price

Entrepreneurs: They constantly seek out something different to show off in markets. Jasper comes to the digital marketplace to help entrepreneurs, influencers, and even bloggers who expect to write explicit Content for their audiences.

Entrepreneurs already know about earning through content marketing techniques, knowing their rapid action to write high standard Content using Jasper commands. Therefore, it saves time and generates 5x faster than human writing. 

Jasper Boss Mode is the best option for freelance writers working with marketing agencies and promises to deliver highly informative and well-researched Content without grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

Freelancer Benefits:

  1. Low-price AI Robotic Writing
  2. No need expensive Human writer
  3. Rich keywords relevant writing based on our ideas
  4. Engaging and high-quality content 
  5. 50+ Actionable templates

Pros of Jasper/Jarvis Boss Mode:

  • 100% SEO Friendly Command Prompt Content Creation
  • Generate Content 5x faster comparatively with other AI tools
  • Write and Translate with 25+ different languages
  • Recipe Templates 
  • 3,000 Characters lookback to write relevant
  • Plagiarism checker
  • 5 Days Free Trial Period 
  • Long-form Assistant


  • Expensive Monthly price
  • The extra cost of the Plagiarism checker

Optimize Your Content with SurferSEO and Jasper

SurferSEO and Jasper have a great combo to support valuable Content and help rank on Google 1st page. Instantly, many SEO agencies have been extensively working on both tools in one platform, which is called Jasper AI.

Firstly, you must have access of two accounts, Jasper and SurferSEO, for configuration.

To learn how to connect SurferSEO with a Jasper account.

Goto the Jasper account settings > toggle the SurferSEO Integration on.

surfurseo Integration

To clarify, you must open two accounts in the same window for integration on toggled mode. After configuration, you’ll have three modes in the long-form editor at the top of the middle document.

  1. Focus Mode
  2. SEO Mode
  3. Power Mode
SEO mode

Just click on “SEO Mode” to analyze your content workflow to stay able to add rich keywords more efficiently by suggesting SurfurSEO and check the content grade meter to show us content quality and relevancy.

Benefits of SurfurSEO and Jasper:

  • Create and optimize Content on both tools
  • Focus on rich keywords for the 1st page of Google Rankings
  • Audit your Content
  • Keywords research and Content Analyzer
  • Refine your existing Content with SurfurSEO
  • Outrank your competitor keywords on Google

Jarvis/Jasper Art: Build any image in a few Seconds



 Jasper AI has recently introduced a new Art feature to create your custom image to prevent copyright issues. With Jasper Art, you can quickly and easily create images that will grab attention and get your message across. Whether you need a professional look for your website or a more personal touch for your social media posts, Jasper Art has you covered. You can create stunning images in seconds without prior experience or design knowledge with easy-to-use tools. 

Build Content relevant to command-based images to get high-resolution picture quality produced by Jasper AI.  

Note: Jasper Art isn’t included in the 10k Free Credits with Boss Mode. You have to pay 20$ extra per month to avail this feature.

Jasper AI Boss Mode FAQ:

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best AI writing tool for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, Jasper is an excellent option if you're looking for a high-quality AI writing tool that is both user-friendly and affordable. Jasper is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market, and for a good reason. It offers a wide range of features perfect for students, professionals, and businesses of all sizes. Plus, its affordable pricing makes it an ideal choice for budget-minded buyers. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line AI writing tool that can help you take your writing skills.
A writing assistant tool like Jasper is a great way to get help with structure, grammar, and references while drafting your work. Jasper helps you focus on your writing by giving you live feedback as you type. This means you can quickly fix errors and improve your document without having to go back and revise it later. Jasper integrates with primary reference tools like Google Scholar and PubMed, so you can easily find the necessary information without leaving your document.All in all, Jasper is a great way to produce high-quality content quickly and easily. Give it a try today!
Yes, it is. Jasper's Content is original and free of plagiarism. All Content is 100% authentic and reliable, and all highly trained people take pride in their work. You can be assured that anything you read on Jasper is trustworthy and reliable.
Rytr is mainly focused on ads and short-form copy of Content. Even is doing "Boss Mode" long-form content generation to write high-quality, 10x faster original content per your command. Jasper has all-in-one features instead of other AI writing tools.
First, open Jasper and go to the Settings tab. Then, under Usage & Billing, click on Cancel Account. Finally, enter your account password and click on Cancel Account again. You will then see a message confirming that your account has been canceled.
Yes. offers a 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, they will refund 100% of your money instantly and without hassle. So there is absolutely no risk on your part when you try today! has three pricing plans: Starter, Boss Mode, and Billed Yearly. The Starter plan costs just $24/mo and gives you access to all of the features of, except for team collaboration and meeting schedules. The Boss Mode plan costs just $49/mo and includes everything in the Starter plan, team collaboration, and meeting schedule. And finally, the Billed Yearly plan costs just $588/yr (which comes out to be $49/mo) and includes everything in both the Starter and Boss Mode plans. 
We Publish only Sponsored, Featured, and Well Researched-based Content.


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