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Once you have made it through your long and glorious wedding day, eaten the cake and danced your feet sore, it will be time to make that grand exit. You hold hands and smile shyly at each other before making that glamorous dash through a tunnel of crackling sparklers and cheering fans to your getaway car. That’s what a grand sparkler exit should ideally look or feel like, but there are cases when the whole exercise simply fizzles out. There are, of course, many sparkler exits that go beautifully in a fun and spontaneous show. As with every aspect of your wedding, the success or failure of your sparkler exit will depend on the behind-the-scenes preparations you make before the big day. Here are a few tips to ensure your 36 inch wedding sparklers exit will leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Top Market Platform Where to buy 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

Where to buy 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding sparkler send-off, our 36 inch wedding sparklers are the way to go. And the best place to buy them is on Sparklers Online. Not only do they have a wide selection of wedding sparklers in different sizes, but they also offer competitive prices and fast shipping. Their customer service is top-notch, and they stand behind their products. So make Sparklers Online your go-to marketplace for wedding sparklers and all your celebration needs.

Here is the list of top platforms:

Walmart: They have a good selection of wedding sparklers at affordable prices.

Amazon: They have a wide variety of wedding sparklers in different sizes, plus the convenience of fast shipping for Prime members.

Weddingdaysparklers: This is a one-stop shop for all things wedding sparklers, including the 36 inch size. They also offer bulk discounts and personalization options.

Sparklersrus: This website specializes in wedding sparklers and offers a variety of sizes, including 36 inch options. They also have fast shipping and excellent customer service.

No matter which marketplace you choose, buy your 36 inch wedding sparklers well in advance to ensure they arrive on time for your big day. Happy sparking!

Make You Glamorous Dash

Take time to test your 36 inch wedding sparklers before the big day, or the big moment. Testing them ahead of time does not mean two days before the wedding. A lot can happen in two days. The best time to test a few of them would ideally be on the eve of the wedding. Test to ensure they burn long enough for everyone to light up before you make your glamorous dash. Make sure they have the least, or zero, smoke output. The less smoke they emit the clearer your grand exit pictures will be. However, the smoke can add a touch of drama to the picture so test and see what will work best for you. The most important thing is to ensure you know how they work before dishing them out to your guests at the final moment. 

Fashion Challenges

Consult your wedding planner for the best results. You’ll only have one chance to make your sparkler exit. There is no room for rehearsal or second guessing. For instance, organizing your guests to line up in an orderly fashion may be a challenge when they are tired or have had a few drinks. You’ll need the assistance of someone who has organized such events before. Your wedding planner will not only help in assisting people line up well in advance, but will also help in logistical issues such as knowing where to get 36 inch wedding sparklers. Remember a good wedding planner is well worth the investment if you want your big day to be a success. 

Decide on the type of sparklers to use or simply mix them up. Sparklers come in different designs and styles. You may want to have a mix of heat sparklers and pink sparklers just to add a little excitement and color to the exercise.  

Here are Reasons 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are the Perfect Addition to Wedding Festivities:

  • Our 36 inch wedding sparklers create incredible photo opportunities for wedding send-offs and other special moments.
  • With a burn time of approximately 2 minutes, these sparklers provide plenty of entertainment for wedding guests.
  • The size of our 36 inch wedding sparklers allows them to stand out in wedding photos and add a touch of sparkle to any celebration.
  • As the most significant size we offer, these wedding sparklers make a statement at wedding events.
  • Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are safe and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to any wedding celebration.

Choose a good exit location within the wedding venue. It would be great if the exit happens in a place that is a little bit dark for the full effects to come out fine. Doing it under powerful lights kills the intensity of the sparklers. 

Above all, make sure guests know how to put off the sparklers after you leave. You can have buckets of water or sand nearby which can safely be used to extinguish the sparklers. Safety is paramount. Remember to allocate someone the task of helping guests put off their sparklers. 

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