Engage with Your Youtube Subscribers

Do you want different ways to interact with your YouTube subscribers?

The YouTube Community Tab makes a great choice because it allows you post status updates, which can include polls, GIFs, and other general interactions.

This article will describe exactly how you can engage with your Youtube subscribers to interact with your subscribers, promote your business, and even get ideas for new videos.

Create Quality Content

The first step to getting lots of subscribers for free is to create high-quality content. The other steps on this list will just not work if you create low-quality content

Viewers will simply write your channel off as a bad channel if you put out bad content. In other words, you might get people to click on your video, but you will not get them to watch your other videos.

That said, this list assumes that you are already creating excellent content and are looking for a way to get thousands of YouTube subscriber for free.

What is the Community tab?

The Community tab is simply a replacement for the Discussion tab that YouTube used to have. The Discussion tab was not particularly good and had a reputation for spammers abusing it. 

This was because anyone could post a comment on the page. However, these comments could only be plaintext, which meant that the posting tab was fairly barren. Really, the only people that visited the Discussion tab were bots posting promotional links.

YouTube changed that by releasing the Community tab. The Community tab is just a redesign of the Discussion tab.

For instance, the engage with your Youtube subscribers through Community tab allows the channel creator to post GIFs, images, share videos, conduct polls, and share links. This makes it shockingly similar to the Facebook wall, which is not surprising. 

The Community tab is simply another attempt by Google to make YouTube more of a social network to engage with your subscribers. This is especially important because Facebook and Instagram have been drawing users that want to watch videos.

Anyway, the Community tab is being released to only some YouTube channels. YouTube began with releasing it only to those channels with over 10,000 subscribers. However, they have publicly stated that the Community tab will become available to all channels in the future. 

If you want inspiration for what to post on your Community tab, then you should follow the Community tabs of popular YouTube pages to engage with your Youtube subscribers. They will often use a good strategy that works and you can draw plenty of inspiration from their channels.

Now, the following tips will also help you engage with your Youtube subscribers on your Community tab. In fact, you will probably notice that the big channels use a lot of the same strategies.

1. Promote your Community Tab to Engage with your Youtube subscribers

The first significant strategy for interacting with your subscribers using the Community tab is to let them know that it exists. Most YouTuber users have no idea that the tab actually exists. 

This is why you should remind them, at the end of your videos, to join you for the discussion at the Community tab. It will improve the number of visitors that you get to that part of your channel by a large margin. Unless you plan to engage with your Youtube subscribers, you should have no problem achieving success.

However, good ways include saying that you are hosting an event of some sort and asking people to join you for the event or just answering questions about the video. Basically, you want to give people a reason to visit the tab. If you do not provide a sufficient reason, then the people will simply not visit.

A bad way to promote would be not giving a reason to visit. You do not just want to say to visit without giving a benefit of some sort. As mentioned earlier, no one will visit without a good reason.

Aim for a high watch time

The next step to getting a high subscriber count is to focus on creating videos that will get a high watch time. Watch time refers to the length of time that the user watches the video.

YouTube will actively promote videos that have a high watch time because it is the best indicator that the video is quality. 

Now, you can increase the watch time of your video by following a few editing tricks. First, you want to begin your content immediately. Do not title a video and then place the good content at the end of the video. Some viewers will watch to the end, but most will get bored and exit out of the video before they finish watching the video. Watch time, the average time people spend watching your video, is one of the most important metrics that YouTube uses when deciding which video to promote. Simply put, YouTube will not promote a video that has a low watch time.

This is because watch time is the best indicator that a video is excellent. A good way to increase your watch time is to begin your video with a clear purpose and a “hook.” 

You do not want to begin with a boring video or else viewers will simply leave. Seriously, this is one of the biggest differences between a video having a high watch time and a video having a low watch time.

If you have a music video, then do not star the music one minute into the video. A normal video blog should begin after the introduction. You can then mention your paid promotion at the middle or end of the video. People are more likely to leave if you start your video with a commercial.

2. Remind Viewers to Set Notifications

This is similar to promoting the tab itself. You want to remind your viewers to set a reminder for your page. This will allow them to receive updates when you post a new status update.

Again, you cannot interact with subscribers if they do not have a way to see what you are posting. 

These two tips will set the stage for interacting with guests. The next few tips will focus on what type of content you should post to the Community tab to more easily interact with your Youtube subscribers. 

3. Explain what your Community Tab is about

First, you want to explain the content in your Community tab to engage with your Youtube subscribers.

This is easy to do. All you need to do is pin a post to the top of the tab that explains precisely what happens in the tab. 

Make sure that this matches the tone of your channel and tells people what to expect. It should set the tone for discussion and that is it.

4. Have a Q&A

The most popular use of these tabs is to conduct a Q&A. Mention that you are doing a Q&A session during one of your videos. Give a time, place, and how to ask a question.

If you have enough subscribers, then you should get some visitors to your Q&A. This gives your viewers the opportunity to ask questions that they would typically get answered and that you do not discuss in videos.

5. Conduct a Poll

Another method is to conduct a poll. Basically, just mention that you have a poll going at the end of the video. You should make the poll related to something in your video or about your next video.

People love polls because it allows them to voice their opinion. This is especially true for polls that ask what type of video you should do next. You will have no problem getting people to participate in your poll if you ask what type of video you should make next.

6. Hold a Giveaway

Another popular option is to hold a giveaway. Simply promote this on your channel and mention that people have to leave a comment on your page to enter the giveaway.

Lots of people will visit the tab to enter the contest if you have a good prize. This works because it familiarizes people with your tab, which can help to get them to revisit it. You can also have a pinned post that markets a product or relays an important message to your subscribers. 

Just remember, make sure the giveaway prize is good and that the process you use to choose a winner is fair.

YouTube Subscriber for Free

Of course, you do. Every YouTuber wants more subscribers. It makes getting more views easier and it places your videos at the top of the suggestions box. This article will cover some quick tips and tricks to help your YouTube channel get even more subscribers. 

Every single YouTuber wants more subscribers. In fact, most YouTubers will focus more on their subscriber count than their view count. 

This is because subscribers are what can really grow a YouTube channel. Sure, a video with high views might become popular. However, if the channel does not have many subscribers, then the next videos might not receive any views and the channel will not grow.

This is why subscribers are important. Here are some quick tips for getting thousands of subscribers on YouTube channel, without having to know where to get YouTube subscribers.

Focus on Promotion to Engage with Your Youtube Subscribers

The easiest way to get thousands of YouTube subscriber for free to promote your videos. Now, a lot of YouTubers get this step wrong and simply comment spam all over YouTube.

Yes, that method might work sometimes. However, it is too unfocused and looks too much like low-quality spam to gain any real traction. 

Instead, you should focus on promoting your channel to engage with your Youtube subscribers in a way that looks more natural and gets more attention. Two great methods to promote your channel that isn’t comment spam are listed below:

Collaborate with other YouTubers.

Collaboration is a great way to promote your videos naturally. If you have enough subscribers, then many of them will agree to do a video together. This will increase your thousands of YouTube subscriber for free count and their subscriber count. A win-win situation.

Stay active on social media

Staying active on social media does not mean posting a link to your YouTube channel on your Twitter or Facebook. Instead, you should focus on creating engaging content on social media platforms that link back to your YouTube channel. For instance, you could join a Facebook group related to your niche and then share a video that is relevant to the group. 

Going where your audience hangs out and then showing them your video is one of the oldest marketing techniques and it still works. Consistently post videos.

Promote Your Channel Everywhere

The first step to getting lots of subscribers is to promote your channel. Now, some YouTubers will focus on the YouTube comments section of popular videos. This might sound like a decent method, but YouTube users really do not like people promoting their channel. 

These comments will often get downvoted and pushed to the bottom of the comment feed. Not to mention that they will receive many negative replies, which will not encourage people to visit the channel.

This is why properly promoting your channel on other social networks is important.


The first place many YouTubers go to promote their YouTube channel is Reddit. Reddit is organized into different subreddits, which are basically message boards that revolve around a specific topic. 

You should find a subreddit that relates to your channel or video and promote it on that subreddit. Now, Redditors (Reddit users) are notoriously resistant to self-promotion. However, if you can post a video that adds value, then they will be much more open to your promotional efforts. 


Twitter is another great option for promoting your channel. Twitter, unlike Reddit, has no real communities. This means that you should focus on finding relevant hashtags and sending tweets with your video related to those hashtags. 

You can also find relevant discussions in tweet threads and promote your video in those discussions. 

Overall, Twitter is a more difficult place to promote a YouTube channel. However, the right hashtags and finding the right discussions can really propel your YouTube channel.


When people think of promoting their video on Facebook, they will often think of using a Facebook page. This might have worked five years ago. However, Facebook has mostly eliminated the organic reach of Facebook pages, which makes sharing posts primarily useless unless you pay to boost your posts.

Facebook has increased the organic reach of groups though. This means that popular posts in group pages will often appear the top of the News Feed, which means you should focus your Facebook promotional efforts on sharing relevant videos to groups.

Again, you should not just spam your videos to Facebook groups. Your post will probably get deleted, and your Facebook account might even get banned from the platform.

Instead, focus on posting a relevant video to a relevant Facebook group. You should also not make your video a top-level post. Instead, post the video in a comment replying to a post. Of course, you want your video to relate to the post and not just be random.

Facebook really does make a great place to promote YouTube videos now that they have focused on Facebook groups. Use them wisely and properly, and you can get thousands of subscribers on YouTube by using Facebook groups.

Amazon Reviews

Using Amazon reviews to promote your YouTube channel will work for some particular channels. For instance, if you have a channel that reviews products, then posting your video review in an Amazon review will work amazingly well.

It will also work for videos that discuss the tool in some way such as repair guide videos, instructional videos, or a “way to use a product” video. 

So, if you have the right type of video for an Amazon review, then you should definitely figure out a way to work it into an Amazon review.


Pinterest is an image sharing platform that allows users to make boards of pictures that they share. Users can also share videos.

Pinterest works particularly well for videos that are much more artistic and focus on visual aesthetics. Some examples of niches that work well with Pinterest include recipe videos, nature videos, home improvement videos, and music videos. 

If you think you have a video that will work well on a Pinterest, then you should create a board in that category and share your video. It might go viral on Pinterest, which would mean thousands of viewers and potential subscribers. Plus, it will grow your Pinterest following too. That means you could use Pinterest to promote other videos and products.

Utilize Playlists to Boost Thousands of YouTube Subscriber for Free

Playlists are another great option for gaining thousands of YouTube subscriber for free. Playlists are basically a group of linked videos that viewers can watch in quick succession. They will even show up in search results and YouTube will automatically play the next video in a playlist.

Anyway, you can efficiently utilize playlists yourself. Simply build a playlist of your videos that are in a similar category. For instance, if you are a band, then create playlists with all the songs in an album. This makes it easy for viewers to stay engage with your Youtube subscribers of your video.

If you have a video blog, then create a playlist in chronological order and a playlist that contains your top videos. Remember, you can create as many playlists as you want, so you can get creative.

Playlists are a feature on YouTube that allows you to group similar videos. Viewers can then watch the playlist, which means you can gain lots of video views of many videos if you can get people to watch your playlist.

YouTubers love to use playlists because they have an autoplay feature. This means that you can easily build a following because people can sometimes get sucked into viewing all your videos, which means they are more likely to subscribe. 

All in all, a viewer that watches your entire playlist is much more likely to subscribe. Make a playlist to tap into this tendency and show up higher on search results. Playlists are easy to make and you can make as many as you want, so there is no reason not to make a playlist.

Use SEO Friendly Video Titles

SEO friendly video titles are important because they mean more people will discover your video, which means more potential for subscribers.

Creating an SEO friendly video title on YouTube is not difficult, but it does require a different method. The best way is to open an incognito window and search YouTube for the video title you want to use.

However, when you type the video title into the browser, you should do it one word at a time. This will allow you to look at the search suggestions. YouTube will often suggest search terms that other people are searching. You can then model your YouTube video title after these suggestions, which will increase the likelihood that people find your video.

Remember, more people finding your video will mean more potential subscribers.

Why Subscribers are Important

Subscribers are known as the top metric on YouTube. You have probably noticed that almost every YouTuber will remind you to subscribe and may even talk about their thousands of YouTube subscriber for free.

They have a good reason for this. Subscribers are the best way to generate views for a video on a consistent basis quickly. If you have a large subscriber count, then you will get video views when you publish a video.

More views will mean that YouTube is more likely to promote the video across the platform, which just leads to more views. Views are also a key metric when pitching advertisers, which means more money for the YouTuber.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the path to gaining more subscribers for free is not particularly difficult. It just requires some hard work in the beginning, but the work will pay off in the end if you consistently push quality content. 

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