How to Build a Profitable, Successful & Impressive Twitter Marketing Strategy


If you want to see more quality results from Twitter, with the rise of social media, there has been a rise in the number of people who actively use Twitter. We will cover the best tips to develop a marketing strategy for Twitter that actually works.

Develop a Brand Voice

The first step to developing a marketing tactics for Twitter is establishing a voice for your brand. It’ll set the tone for the rest of the strategy.

The hardest part with this step is actually developing the brand voice itself. A few characteristics of a brand voice are listed below:

Be original

No one likes a brand that just copies Tweets from other accounts. You will get noticed if you do this, but not in a good way. Strive to make original content that is compelling to your followers

Always Preach Your Brand Message

Ideally, your brand should have a mission statement. You should use this mission statement as a general guide before you publish any Tweets. 

For instance, if your brand touts itself as a customer-centric company, then make sure to focus on the customer.

Document Your Brand Voice

Once you finish developing the voice you will want to document it. This makes it much easier for your team to reference it before creating a Tweet.

Ideally, you will want to include plenty of example Tweets for each guideline that you want your team to follow when creating a Tweet. 

This is especially important as you add more members to your team that might not be familiar with your message.

Schedule Your Tweets

The next most important part is to schedule your Tweets. For instance, many brands like to create all their Tweets the week prior to posting them.

These brands will even put the Tweets into scheduling software that automatically posts the messages, so a representative does not have to do it manually. 

Now, schedule serves as a good baseline. However, it can come off as a bit robotic to anyone that browses your Twitter feed or that wants to interact with your brand. Our next point will solve that dilemma.

Reply to Mentions

Now that you have a voice developed and some Tweets already planned out, you can easily go off schedule. In this case, replying to some of your mentions is a great strategy.

Just because you decide to reply to someone does not mean you should abandon your voice. This is especially important because any negative reply will likely become extremely popular for all the wrong reasons. Honestly, that might be part of your strategy, but it probably is not.

Adapt to Current Events

The other half of tweeting off the calendar is to post something about current events. This is an extremely risky endeavor though, so be careful. 

We recommend that you avoid tweeting about politically charged events. Tragedies should also be avoided to promote your brand through you can offer condolences. Some brands will even delay halting their calendar during a tragedy.

Do check your calendar after a tragedy though. You do not want an ill-timed Tweet to get your brand in the news after a tragedy.

This specific tip depends on your specific voice and schedule. Look at other brands and see what actions they take during popular current events.

Experiment with Other Strategies

The final tip is to always experiment with other strategies. If you do the same thing as everyone else, then you will only ever get the same results. 

If you think of something creative, then try it. Just make sure that it aligns with your brand before attempting it. 

Also, check the engagement when you try a different strategy.

Some different strategies that can be used are the following.

Tweet Videos

Tweeting short videos relevant to your brand is a great technique. Do not only Tweet videos, but the occasional high-quality one should work.

Lots of accounts use videos though. The key factor in making this strategy different is to use unique content that your competition does not use. This really just depends on your niche.

Keep it Funny

A great strategy that works in some industries is to make your tweets funny. Wendy’s has had great success with their funny Tweets despite being in an industry not known for humor.

This strategy might sound simple because it is actually simple. However, most brands stick to the rigid corporate Twitter strategy to play it safe. The contrast between the rigid corporate Twitter that most brands employ and a funny Twitter strategy is what really makes this strategy work.

Also, make sure you post funny content that is not too distasteful. 

The most controversial approach or strategy is the use of paid services that promote your account and your tweets. For example, the art of retweets has been made easier than ever, and more and more people are doing it and loving it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, developing a successful marketing strategy for Twitter is not particularly difficult. You should keep documentation about your account’s brand voice and follow those guidelines.

The next most important step is to create a content calendar with pre-written Tweets. This will give you time to fully examine the messaging and potential response. 

Do not try and create custom Tweets the day you want to post them. It just does not work.

The final part of a good Twitter strategy is to mix up your strategy. Some examples of mixing up your strategy include replying to mentions, posting relevant content about current events, and even trying different forms of content or writing styles. Just remember to track your engagement when you decide to try a different strategy.

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