App-Based Invoice System

Invoices, also known as the backbone of businesses, are a key tool used for keeping track of the income and of the expenses that are taking place along the way. Another great thing about invoices is the fact that they help you build a sense of professionalism in front of the clients. For these reasons, we cannot stress enough how important it is for small businesses to create and develop a performing invoicing system that will meet the needs. If you are unsure about how you could make the invoicing system more efficient and less time consuming, here are a few tips you could use:

Creating an easy invoice system

Completing an invoice is not an easy thing to do, especially when the business is growing. You can fill in the invoices on the go, from your smartphone or any other mobile device, or as soon as your work is finished.

Display your work

If the income you receive is based on completed tasks and projects or billable hours, you will surely need a system that will capture and keep track of everything you do, so you won’t miss out anything and get paid for everything you do. You might also want to take into consideration if you need to keep track of the working hours for more people on a single project.

Make the invoice stand out

Wondering how you could do that? Customizing an invoice is the best thing you can do. Include your company’s logo and colors, so that your clients will be able to differentiate your invoice from others. Elements such as paying options, terms or amount dues should be prominent. If you want to be paid faster, you can opt for a stick or carrot approach.

Invoicing the right person

The person you contact at the customer’s office is not necessarily the one who holds the responsibility of paying the bills. You need to find out who is the person paying your bills when you start to set up a customer account with your accounting software.

Providing your clients with payment options

If you are looking to increase your income, one thing you should do is to offer your customers the possibility of paying for your services with their credit card. Electronic checks are also a great way to increase the flow of customers.

Automating the follow-up

You should look for solutions that allow you to personalize and automate the follow-up of your invoice. For instance, you could be offering your clients a 2% early payment discount. You could send a reminder to your customers to notify them that the deadline for the discount is approaching. Or, if their account is past due, you could automatically notify them to enter a new credit number.

Take into your consideration these tips and you should be able to make your invoice appear more professional. At the same time, you will be regarded as a reliable business.

Invoice Systems Accept Crypto as a Payment Option

In the past, the use of cryptocurrencies was limited to a few niche markets, with a market worth of over $150 billion. The advancement in blockchain technology and the advent of new cryptocurrencies have become popular payment options.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others have been rising this year. These alternative currencies have continued to gain traction with investors and businesses looking to offer a decentralized payment option.

Because of surge interest and increased demand for crypto-friendly invoices, we wanted to look closely at the top nine invoice systems that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

They also allow you to choose your preferred cryptocurrency as a payment method without compromising security or privacy.

The top 9 invoice systems that accept crypto payments are:

  1. Bitpay
  2. CoinPayments
  3. CryptoPaymentGateway
  4. CryptopaymentSystems (CPS) Inc.
  5. CryptoPayments Inc.
  6. Cryptonator Ltd.
  7. CryptoWoo Inc.
  8. eCoin Payments Ltd.
  9. LQD Pay

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