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Have you or a loved one experienced devastating injuries due to a car collision involving a big commercial truck?  Over 3.5 million truckers work in the US, according to the most recent census data. Data on publicly available vehicle accidents revealed that nearly 5000 fatal truck accidents involved heavy trucks in 2022.


Desire: Get the best legal representation to protect your rights and ensure you receive compensation for your damages. Hire a Chicago truck accident lawyer and get the maximum compensation for your losses!


Truck Accidents

The number of fatal truck accidents has increased by 43% since 2010, which is consistent with a larger shift toward online shopping and home delivery of goods. Fortunately, the vast majority of truck collisions do not result in fatalities, but numerous people are nevertheless hurt when a small passenger vehicle collides with a commercial truck or larger commercial vehicle.

Due to the vast size differences between cars and trucks, collisions between these two vehicles frequently cause both serious property damage and personal injuries. According to estimates, heavy vehicles were involved in 118,000 incidents in 2019.

A Chicago truck accident attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation for your current and future medical costs, pain and suffering, disability, and related needs if you were injured in a truck accident on the Kennedy or Dan Ryan motorways or anywhere else in Chicago, Illinois. If you also suffered any other damages, such as loss of earnings or loss of earning capacity, or emotional distress, as a result of the accident, including those mentioned above, you may also be entitled to compensation.

Family members may be entitled to file a lawsuit for loss of care and loss of assistance in addition to emotional suffering in the event of a tragic truck accident.

As the number of semi-trucks, big rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other vehicles on the road rises daily, the likelihood that you or a loved one may be involved in a crash involving a truck or other vehicles also rises.

In addition, there are around 500,000 tractor-trailer accidents involving trucks in the United States each year, putting you and your loved ones in danger each time you get on the road. A loaded semi-truck can weigh up to ten times as much as an average passenger car.

As a result, compared to vehicle accidents, passengers in passenger cars and trucks are far more likely to sustain injuries in truck collisions. Due to this, people and vehicles involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, garbage truck, other large truck, or vehicle pulling a trailer are significantly more likely to sustain serious injuries.


Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago chicagoaccidentattorney.Net

To make sure you receive all the damages you are entitled to if you have been hurt in a trucking accident, you should speak with knowledgeable truck accident lawyers in Chicago. This is true whether you are the truck’s driver or were a driver or passenger in a different vehicle that was collided with by the truck.

To file a truck accident lawsuit against the insurance of the trucking company and other multiple parties involved and to work with you to obtain the appropriate payout or fair settlement that you are entitled to, you will need the assistance of a trucking accident lawyer. They can help you identify the harms that were sustained and the types of damages to which you are entitled.

Commercial vehicle accident lawyers specialize in handling the potentially difficult aspects of semi-truck accidents; in addition, truck accident lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and the legal system’s handling of these cases and may help you file a claim against the required parties.

Additionally, you can decide who to sue and what kind of damages to seek based on the laws of your city and state with the assistance of our injury lawyers that specialize in trucking law and have experience with truck accident cases in Chicago and Illinois.

Multiple parties may be held vicariously accountable in truck accidents for the carelessness of the driver, problems with the truck or tractor, or even the payload of the vehicle.

Truck drivers and cargo, shipping, and trucking organizations have their adjusters and carry millions of dollars in insurance, so you shouldn’t try to handle a trucking accident lawsuit or truck crash claim on your own and expect to receive the maximum or even close to perfect compensation.


When To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer?

One of the most crucial steps in handling a truck accident is calling and hiring a Chicago trucking accident lawyer as soon as you can after the incident takes place.

This is because gathering evidence and crafting the right story is crucial to receiving the best results from a lawsuit, and the more you wait, the more memories fade and the evidence gets harder to locate and verify.


Why You Should Hire A Truck Accident Attorney?

You should speak with a lawyer with experience in trucking injury cases if you believe you have a trucking accident case or should file a lawsuit following a trucking accident. You should also speak with a lawyer if you have been in a semi-truck accident but are unsure how to handle your insurance policy, insurance company, and post-accident follow-up claims.

Once it’s been determined that you have a truck accident case or legal representation to sue the trucking company or other party involved in the incident (making you the plaintiff in this case), your lawyer will assist you in identifying precisely which parties may be held legally responsible for your severe losses and injuries and can therefore be sued (making them the defendants).

Along with actually filing the lawsuit with the appropriate court, your Chicago truck accident lawyers will also decide the jurisdiction and the venue in which your complaint or lawsuit should be filed. They will then argue your Illinois truck accident case and deal with the defendants on your behalf.

For example, if a trucking accident took place in Chicago and the trucking company involved conducts business in Illinois, the venue would be a court in Chicago since that is where the accident or dispute occurred and the Chicago courts have the authority and legal responsibility to deal with parties who conduct business in Illinois.


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Truck Accident Investigation

After a truck accident, the insurance company in charge of the parties involved will often conduct an investigation. Potentially, law enforcement and the businesses that employ the truck drivers or handle the cargo involved in the incident will also bring in their legal team to look into what happened and who was at fault, especially if any laws were broken or if there are claims or evidence that a truck driver or truck drivers were intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or under the influence of a controlled substance.

It is crucial to realize that you should only ever speak to the truck accident lawyer you have hired to represent your interests and never to the insurance or claims adjusters for the trucking company. And never sign anything without your attorney’s presence, consent, or knowledge! That is why you should contact a truck accident lawyer who has experience in trucking accident lawsuit cases as soon as possible if you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck or other similar vehicle.


How Will A Truck Accident Lawyer Help You?

If you’ve been in any kind of accident, consulting with a trucking accident lawyer can help you defend your legal rights. Additionally, if you’ve suffered from an on-the-job accident or any accident involving a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, you’ll specifically want to speak with an attorney with experience in trucking law and handling the aftermath of trucking accidents. This is because if you’ve been hurt in any way during a truck accident, or if you’ve lost a loved one during a truck accident, you’ll want to make sure that you are receiving everything you are entitled to.

There are various parties who may be held accountable for accidents involving semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, garbage trucks, or delivery trucks, including the commercial driver of the truck, their company, and the related insurance firms. It may also involve the truck manufacturer as well as the business that owns the goods the truck is carrying. You should hire a truck accident lawyer immediately after a truck accident because all of these businesses or parties will do everything they can to safeguard themselves.

Government agencies, shipping businesses, freight companies, truck manufacturers, and any other company with even a remote connection to the trucking industry are all expected to abide by the laws and rules established to safeguard workers and promote consumer safety. When companies fall short of these standards and break the law, they are accountable for compensating for damages suffered by injured parties.


Worth Of A Truck Accident:

Worth Of A Truck Accident

The value of a truck accident or tractor-trailer accident case depends on the injury that the victim or victims of the truck accident have suffered, as well as the damages that were caused. There are numerous grounds for filing a claim or reaching settlements, including but not restricted to:

  • Disability
  • Medical bills and expenses that are urgent or ongoing
  • Future expenses for medical care
  • Future medical care
  • Become gravely injured
  • Loss of salary or earnings (in the present)
  • Financial recovery
  • Physical therapy
  • Future loss of earning potential (because of a disability or grave injuries)
  • Personal injuries and emotional distress
  • Suffering pain.

You might have endured severe discomfort, pain, severe injuries, inconvenience, or worse following a truck accident. You might have missed a lot of work and may keep missing it, or you might not be able to do your former job’s duties anymore. Serious injuries resulting from trucking accidents may include, but are not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injury or brain injury
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Fractured bones
  • Whiplash
  • Wrongful Death

Even fatalities or severe injuries are possible outcomes of trucking accidents. The best method to ensure that medical costs, lost income, and other pain and suffering that occurred as a result of the accident are taken care of as best as the U.S. legal system allows is to file a lawsuit and take legal action against the negligent parties in a trucking accident. According to Illinois law, if a person dies in an unlawful or unintentional manner as a result of the carelessness of another party or parties, their relatives have the right to file an accidental death lawsuit. This permits them to make a claim on behalf of the deceased’s family or heirs.

Accidental death claims for truck accident victims can pay for lost earnings, suffering, medical costs, and other costs. They can also provide compensation for the decedent’s family’s emotional anguish. Under the Illinois Survival Act, these losses are compensable in the state of Illinois. In this tough time of unspeakable loss, a personal injury lawyer skilled in handling these kinds of cases will be able to support your family and handle the related lawsuits and insurance claims so that your family can concentrate on grieving and healing instead of having to deal with them.


If You Were In A Truck Accident, What Should You Do?

After confirming your physical well-being, you should speak with a lawyer with experience handling similar cases, if you were in any kind of truck accident. They can assist you with a truck accident claim, help you start a legal action against the party or parties at responsibility, and make sure you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

  • The first thing you should do following a truck accident is to take care of your health by getting medical help and calling the police.
  • Once everything is in order and you’ve seen a doctor, and the police, and filed a police report, it’s time to call your insurance agent to report the accident and then a personal injury lawyer to assist you in the coming days. 
  • Never speak with the trucker’s insurance company, their claims adjuster, their employer’s insurance company, or anybody else who is connected to numerous parties involved in the incident.
  • Before speaking with a personal injury lawyer who can assist you in reviewing all the paperwork related to the truck accident, filing all lawsuits, and making a personal injury claim, do not sign anything.
  • Before any repairs are completed or you sell, destroy, or otherwise lose access to the car, you should also take pictures or videos (or both) of the damage (if applicable). If you, a third party, or a witness can take images or videos of the accident scene soon after it occurs, doing so can be helpful. Even if you initially don’t experience much pain, you should nonetheless take detailed images of your truck accident injuries. 
  • Additionally, obtain all medical documents from any hospital or doctor visits linked to the accident reconstruction. Keep many copies of all evidence, including digital versions that are kept on different hard drives or in the cloud if that is possible, and preserve all confidential and sensitive material in a secure location.


Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago chicagoaccidentattorney.Net Is Here To Help:

A trucker accident can be a disastrous and traumatic occurrence that has far-reaching, devastating effects on you, your family, and your job. In addition, the aftereffects of a truck accident can last for many years in the future, impacting your health, medical expenses, and future medical requirements; lost earnings, and lost future income; and even the future of your family if you lose the ability to work or take care of yourself. And if you’ve lost a loved one in a trucking or commercial vehicle accident, get in touch with our Chicago wrongful death lawyers to pursue a just wrongful death claim settlement and to deal with the difficult time as effectively as possible without the added stress of resolving issues with insurance companies and other third parties.

You should work with a truck accident lawyer or a Chicago car accident lawyer who has experience handling truck accidents and trucking injuries for all the reasons listed above. Do you require a truck accident attorney to assist you in obtaining compensation for damages and serious injuries after being involved in an accident with a truck? The victims of truck accidents can file a case, and our Chicago truck accident lawyers can provide knowledgeable legal assistance.

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