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Over the past few years, essay writing services have greatly increased in popularity, particularly among US students. Students may find it difficult to grasp what to concentrate on because the tasks are so difficult and complicated.

I had the chance to speak with John Albrighton, a representative of the well-known essay writing service He shared his experience with me during our conversation: “We founded the business in 1997. Our team originally consisted of five individuals, but today there are dozens of authors, editors, researchers, and support workers. We developed into one of the leading websites in the sector, and we have teams all around the world.

We can connect with John’s experience in the field and the fact that the business he works for is expanding. The entire sector is flourishing. Google will return more than 5,140,000 results if you search for “Essay writing services in Ontario.” This is the result of strong consumer demand in this market.

Not only is there a strong demand for these services. These demands’ caliber is also improving. The typical order soared from a few dollars to almost $100, making the companies in the sector enormously profitable.

Who Buys Essay Writing EG Crossword and Why?

Students make up the majority of this type of service’s customers. The clients are not just lazy people looking for a way out of a messy problem. Occasionally, even very intelligent pupils lack the time to complete their homework.

You might think that only students from “less prestigious” universities inquire about our essay writing, such as crossword services. This is untrue, which may surprise you. They place more emphasis on the caliber of their work and the effort put into completing it. Many people yet still struggle to comprehend the demands of various assignments. They request professional assistance from us for certain assignments,” Mr. Hicks continues.

What’s their age?

About 70% of those who purchase academic papers online are between the ages of 18 and 34. This makes sense because college and postgraduate students fall within this age category.

Another noteworthy statistic is that 7% of the customers of the aforementioned business are between the ages of 45 and 54, proving that everyone employs these essay-writing services in Ontario. They aren’t just for college assignments; they may be used for other things too. Numerous clients wish to shift their employment. They desire to change jobs or even the sector of their present job.

You might require further assistance considering that entering into a new industry or business can be challenging.They enlist our assistance in this way, and we develop custom speeches for their job interviews. We highlight the key points they should concentrate on and the traits they should demonstrate throughout their interviews,” explains Hicks.

Where are they from?

A big chunk of our customers is from English-speaking nations, specifically the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. This makes sense given that we offer essay writing services, such as English crosswords. Although these nations make up the vast majority of our clients, we also have Middle Eastern clients. The standard of the educational system is also continuously improving. The students are prompted by this to seek our assistance.

Which nationalities do they belong to?

It seems logical that the people who use our services the most are those who are native English speakers. However, they are far from alone; roughly 30% of students who use essay writing services are international exchange students. Additionally, they worry that their poor English will be used against them. Students from China and the Middle East are those who request academic assistance the most frequently.

Why do they use essay writing services?

You might be surprised, but the students who turn to essay services are not lazy persons who don’t want to do anything on their own. The great majority of students are perfectionists. Students who want their assignments to be perfect, but they don’t have the time needed to create this kind of work. This type of students tends to outsource their assignments.

Another category is represented by foreign exchange students who don’t have good English skills. Because they lack the proper support from their teachers, they don’t know how to approach their writing tasks. That’s why they have to turn to professional help.

The third category consists of athletes and sports professionals. They are offered sports scholarship to go to college, but because they spend at least 6 hours a day training, they just can’t find the necessary time to study as much as required.

Are there any risks and what are the solutions to them?

The credibility of degrees from US universities is undoubtedly threatened by the widespread use of essay writing services in Ontario. What can we do to lessen their harmful effects? The way we teach our kids is the core of everything. A simple ban won’t work as a remedy. The sickness would not be treated; just the symptoms would. Our educational system is the primary culprit behind this outsourcing of assignments.

It has to focus on two main tasks:

  1. Creating a viable workload. The professor should focus on the quality of the assignments, not only the quantity. They should consider extracurricular activities when giving assignments.
  2. Supporting students. Universities should focus on offering the best support for their students and help them in case they are struggling. If you leave the student one-on-one with their assignment, you are worsening their learning process and their progress.


Custom essay writing has developed into a respectable industry. Students desire one-of-a-kind papers for their assignments, which is the major reason why these services have grown to be a thriving market. It’s not just about the sluggish kids who refuse to complete their schoolwork. It concerns intelligent pupils who lack the required time for these assignments as well.

Universities should prioritize quality over quantity if they wish to raise the quality of their education and produce increasingly superior pupils. They should prepare their students for the industry they’ll start working in. Presently, their main goal is to impart as much knowledge to the students as possible. Instead, only a few essential concepts should be taught, and they should be thoroughly understood. 

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