And now, for a bit of trivia: No peeking! How many of these facts do you know?   

Who is this person?  

  • Claimed to have never gone to an ATM while on the show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” 
  • Dated Anna Nicole Smith in the early 90’s, between his first two marriages.  
  • Was the inspiration for the Biff Tannen character in “Back to the Future” trilogy?  
  • Once owned the United States Football League’s New Jersey Generals.  
  • Never drinks alcohol, a complete teetotaler.  
  • In 2007, was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  
  • Briefly attended USC with hopes of becoming a film producer.  
  • Won a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor in 1990 for a cameo appearance as himself in “Ghosts Can’t Do It.”  

No doubt, you’ve probably figured it out – or peeked! The above facts are true. Big deal. What you’re reading this for is to find out what Donald Trump net worth is, right?  

Since you’ve come this far, here’s the details you want to know: Donald John Trump’s net worth fluctuates, like most entrepreneurs. However, he recently claimed “it is substantially in excess” of Forbes’ $2.7 billion estimates. That’s “billion,” with a “B.”  

So, how did he make his great fortune? The bulk of it was created out of sheer panache: he is considered one of the U.S.’s most important real estate developers. Trump has also tried his hand as an author, socialite, and TV personality.   

In 2004, Trump became the star and executive director of the NBC reality show, The Apprentice, and was paid $375,000 per show. Since 2003, the show has made more than $100 million in salary and royalties. Wow, what a return!   

 As CEO of the Trump organization, that owns more than 100 companies. He does have some marks on his record, so to speak. In 1990, he found himself on the brink of personal and business bankruptcy.  

Amazingly, however, by 1994, he had already paid back $900 million in personal debt and largely reduced his #$3.5 billion in business debt.  Trump owns several significant properties; one in particular, looming over the landscape at 90 stories in height, is considered the world’s tallest residential building.  Officially named the Trump World Tower, it is commonly called Trump Tower. 

Some lesser-known trivia facts that might be of further interest: sister Maryanne is a judge. Voted Ladies Man in his class of 1964. His dad’s name was Fred Christ Trump. In 2004, a theme board game entitled “Trump, the Game” was released, promoting players to “build your empire and amass the most cash”.  

Perhaps you can find the game on eBay and practice “being Trump.” Who knows, some of his “Golden Touch” just might rub off. After all, his father once said of Donald: “Everything he seems to touch turns to gold.”  

Climbing the social and economic ladder of success with great panache apparently is “the Donald’s” forte. Hum, wonder what that will look like if he wins the presidency.   

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