Cross-Platform Development Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity


Every day, new apps are emerging and being developed to meet consumer demand.

Developers are in the constant search of tools and technologies that help alleviate their workload and foster a more efficient environment. This is where cross-platform mobile Development tools come in.

Cross-platform development tools are the epitome of the “write once, run everywhere” concept.

In essence, this concept refers to the practice of building and creating code that form an application combined with the ability to use said code across multiple platforms. All with the same code foundation.

Cross-platform development tools have come and stayed as a key ingredient in the revolution of mobile apps as they are cost-effective and also time-saving. Developers create put in the effort to create code once, but is able to reuse it to design apps that can live in multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

The benefits of cross-development tools are bountiful. As previously mentioned, cost-effectiveness and time-saving are the most significant benefits of using cross-platform tools, but its reusability, availability and consistency also make a great case for why developers are choosing more and more to go with the cross-platform development tools road.

There are numerous tools in the market that engage with the development of cross-platform applications. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most notorious tools that developers love:

Xamarin: This popular tool is a favorite of developers that prefer to build apps with a single C# code foundation. While it may not be the first choice of developers of mobile games, Xamarin offers speed and affordability to develop a robust application.

PhoneGap: As it sits on top of Apache Cordova, the PhoneGap tool uses standard languages such as JavaScript and HTML. This tools provides plugins to leverage hardware components into a mobile app such as the accelerometer, camera, GPS, and more.

 Apache Cordova: This Adobe tool provides access to native APIs and integrates plugins to incorporate hardware functionality into the mobile application. Additionally, Apache Cordova is known for leaving all design and architecture choices to the developer, which opens up the doors to customization and governance over an app.

Sencha: This powerful tool helps developers create mobile apps that look and feel like a native app. The Sencha tool plays well with other tools such as PhoneGap to create an even more advanced mobile application.

Kony: The Kony tool offers widgets and a drag-and-drop functionality that eases the development process, making it easy to interact and move or import items into the application’s design. It supports augmented reality, customer reporting, pre-built apps, and more.

These tools are only a sample of the many available options in the mobile application environment. Oftentimes, developers are tasked with the burden of selecting the best choice to develop an application. In recent years, cross-platform development tools have become the staple to develop more inclusive apps that play well with several platforms.

Cross-platform mobile development tools are the best solution for relatively simple mobile apps that require a swift deployment and that include all or nearly all functionalities to meet business and technical requirements.

Let us know in the comment section what you think of cross-platform development tools and if you prefer native, cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development. If you want to read more informative content as this one, please subscribe and “clap” this post to see related publishings.


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