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All of us love taking our dogs out for exciting adventures. At times, we also look for a safe alternative to take them to the vet for regular health check-ups. Whatever be the purpose, a good dog carrier is extremely essential for people that love their dogs. At present, dog carriers are available from numerous companies, in many different types and styles. Therefore, finding the most suitable carrier for a specific dog can be overwhelming. Also, please remember that it is almost impossible to find one dog carrier that will serve perfectly in all situations. 

In order to determine the perfect fit for your dog, please consider the following points. 

  • The first step towards finding the right carrier for your dog is to measure the length and weight of your dog. Please remember that the carrier should be big enough to allow your furry friend to be able to stand up and move around. Measure your dog from the nose tip to the end of the tail and add three to four inches more. Similarly, measure the dog from the ground to the top of his head, and keep an allowance of three to four inches. If you are looking for a sling dog carrier or a dog backpack, the extra room is not required for moving around. However, these bags do have a maximum weight capacity.  If you have one of the larger dog breeds, be sure to look into getting the biggest dog or pet carriers market size and share.  
  • Once you have determined the size of the carrier, it is time to consider how and where this carrier will be used. You may want to carry your dog on a flight or take him to a day trip in your car. All airlines have very strict regulations related to the size and constriction of the pet carriers market size and share. If you are purchasing the carrier for this purpose, it is better to check with your airline before buying the dog carrier. As far as car travel is concerned, it has its own safety concerns. Experts suggest that poorly designed dog carriers can cause more damage to a dog than the actual accident. Therefore, you should only purchase a dog carrier that is third-party tested for car crashes.  
  • As mentioned earlier, many different types and styles of dog carriers are available in the market. To help you understand them thoroughly, each of the styles are explained below. 

Hard-sided: As far as protection is concerned, these carriers are the best options for a dog. These carriers can be used for traveling in car, train, plane, and boat, and are suitable for all sizes of dogs. Hard-sided carriers are tough enough to deal with escape artists as well as heavy chewers. 

Soft-sided: These carrier bags are more suitable for small to medium-sized dogs that are known to be good travelers. Soft-sided dog carriers should not be used for dogs that are nervous travelers or have a tendency to escape by chewing and digging.  These carriers, however, are more portable and convenient for casual uses and traveling shorter distances.    

Wheeled Dog Carriers: These carriers are easier on the person carrying it because they can be pulled smoothly on wheels. These are excellent options for city walking, but not intended for rough terrain or hiking.  

Backpack Carriers: These carriers are portable and convenient options for carrying small to medium-size dogs. With backpack carriers, the dogs are able to enjoy the sights and sounds while traveling with you. 

Sling Dog Carriers: If you have a very small dog breed, these carriers can be a good option. However, these carriers can be quite bumpy while you walk. Therefore, secure your pet properly while using these carriers.   

Pet Carriers Market Size and Share

Pet Carriers Market Size and Share

The estimated pet carriers market size and share are $830 million in 2022 and are projected to reach $1.2 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period. Dog carriers currently account for the largest share of the pet carriers market.

Major players operating in the pet carriers market include Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., Kroger Co., PetSmart, Inc.,, Inc., and Walmart, Inc. Other key players include DoggyDolly (Germany), Snoozer Pet Products (US), Dogit (Canada), and Petplanet UK Ltd. (UK).

The pet carrier’s market size and share are witnessing significant growth owing to the increasing number of pet owners and rising awareness about animal welfare. The trend of urbanization and the growing preference for small pets are also expected to boost market growth. However, the high cost of pet carriers likely impedes market growth.

Analysis of Competing Pet Care Markets

Analysis Pet Care Markets

According to the American Pet Products Association, they spent $69.51 billion on the pet market in 2017. A large chunk of this market is dedicated to pet care products and accessories, which include everything from dog carriers to premium pet food.

With the pet industry showing no signs of slowing down, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of competition in the pet industry. Dog carriers alone are a multi-million dollar industry, and there are hundreds of brands vying for a piece of the pie. So, how do you know which dog carrier suits you and your furry friend?

Category-wise Insights

According to the latest report by IMARC Group, the global dog carriers market size and share reached US$ XX billion in 2020. Dog carriers are expected to reach a CAGR of 3% during the trending period (2021-2026).

This is owing to the growing trend of pet parents carrying their dogs in designer purses and stylish sling bags. Hard kennels are expected to remain the largest segment, accounting for XX% of the total market share in 2026.

The North American region holds the leading position in the global dog carriers market, accounting for a share of XX%. Europe and the Asia Pacific follow this.

  • Dogit (Central Garden & Pet Company)
  • Petmate International, Inc.
  • Sherpa Pet Group, Inc.
  • Snoozer Pet Products
  • Sturdi Products, LLC
  • The Company of Animals Ltd.
  • PetEdge, Inc.
  • Ruffwear, Inc.
  • Outward Hound, Inc.
  • K&H Manufacturing LLC (K&H Pet Products)
  • Midwest Homes for Pets, Inc. (Radio Systems Corporation)

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