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The emergence of video content over the last couple of years is slowly being capitalized on by various online entrepreneurs who do not want to create a traditional website or blog page. Obviously, it would still be a great way to tag team both your vlog and blog, so your target market has the option to decide which format they prefer for your content to be delivered. But in this interactive age, more and more Internet businesses are using vlogs as their primary information channel.

You can check out YouTube to find out just how many vloggers are out there right now, covering all sorts of industries from fashion, makeup, food, travel, and even educational services. The Internet is free for all commodity, meaning anyone who wishes to build their profile using it, regardless of their intentions, can do so. The problem with this is that the market you want to tap on may already be reaching saturation point, so you would have to compete with many people for hits and subscribers.

This is why you need to ensure that you consistently put quality and unique content on your blog. Regardless of the niche, you want to focus on, and your site must be easy to find. There are many ways to boost your online visibility, and one of the most tried and tested practices is using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

In this blog post, we bring you some of the easy tips and tricks you can use to help Increase Your Videos Rankings in the Search Engines, which could speed up your growing your brand or channel.

Whether drone shots for travel vlogs or conversationalist tone in terms of information-driven ones, be on the lookout for what currently drives the market. When something is “trendy,” it means that more people are checking it out, and the more people check it out, the higher the chance you will increase your video’s views and likes.

With one video, you could reach out to people that maybe have not heard from you before but found you through trending content. This might prompt them to check you further and eventually subscribe to your channel. Think of it as getting your piece of the pie. The bigger the pie is, the bigger your share could also be.

Similar to knowing trends, knowing what keywords to use also helps greatly to Increase Your Videos Rankings in the Search Engines. Google reads keywords to know what kind of content you are discussing in your videos which would help it decide when it should pop up depending on someone’s searched phrase or keywords.

After you determine the keyword/s you want to use, put it on the title of your video title, description, slug, and meta description to help Google find your content more easily.

3. Create Engaging Content.

Do not put out a video just for the sake of putting out videos. It would help if you built a brand for yourself and your channel by regularly uploading titillating content that would interest your target market.

Feeding off from that, also make sure that you do not use “clickbait titles.” Indeed they would have people checking out your video rankings in the search engines, but once they get into it and realize that your title is not even relevant to what you talk about in the clip, it would give them a bad impression about what kind of vlogger you are. This way, you risk losing potential subscribers and creating a bad rap for the brand you want to establish.

4. Give Emphasis on Your Thumbnail.

There are a whole lot of videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites discussing the same content. On top of an ideally witty caption, it is also crucial to choose a thumbnail that stands out from all the other results an online user would have to choose from.

Your thumbnail should be something that would convince searchers that you have something more to offer than your competitors. It should be clear and relevant to what they are looking for.

5. Make use of Social Media Sites.

Share your videos across your social media platforms for a broader reach so you would not box out your target market to those who actually go out of their way to search for content like yours. Every single time you upload something, link it all out to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so people can just click it and get redirected to your channel. Harnessing the power of social media is the only way you get your video to go viral and get pushed into YouTube’s internal trending video section.

It will also help to put your online bio consistently on all your internet profiles, so people know that you are creating video content online and check you out, in case they do not know it yet.

6. Meet Other Vloggers.

Take the time to reach out to your co-vloggers and look at them not as competitors but as collaborators. If you give them a shoutout or cite them for something they put out that you liked, chances are they would return the favor. That way, subscribers who enjoy the content you put out and may not know you yet can eventually look you up. Think of it as gaining a friend who can help you expand your video visibility in the search engines and online world instead of a competitor.

7. Make a Video Sitemap.

For a more technical side, creating a video sitemap helps search engines know more about your video’s content which makes for easier indexing. The sitemap usually has all the details of your video from its title and duration to more specific ones like country and platform restrictions, as well as a content expiration date for the clip. Although the process seems extremely geeky, anyone could really do it with the use of various Sitemap generators coupled with Google Webmaster Tools.

8. Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing Campaign

PPC ads are used to target specific audiences and increase the conversion rate of an advertisement.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website. One of them is by paying for it. Advertisers pay to reach a certain number of people, which you do when advertising on Google, Facebook, and other search engines.

In the last decade, online advertising has become increasingly popular and one of the most effective marketing strategies. The main reason advertising works so well is because it targets specific people who are likely to respond to your message or product.

how to hack your backlink profile and increase your traffic by 5-10%. I’ll be continuing this series with the second part of that series on authority backlinks, so stay tuned for that. Now, the easy part is over. 

Now we have to add the fun stuff! I’m going to be doing this with one example, but you could go ahead and do it in any niche with any website or blog that you like:

  • Gather your content ideas and publish them on your home page as a list. 
  • Find a top authority site with them, and aim to link to their content in your own articles. 
  • Add your relevant information at the end of their content… 
  • Link back once again! 
  • Guest posting on top-tier magazines
  • Broken Link building 
  • Email Outreach Campaign
  • Build a Following on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Post on Forums and Blogs.
  • Email List Building

This is the most time-consuming for me as I have to do it every day, but if you’re serious about growing your business.

Finally, one of the best ways to improve your video ranking is to increase the number of views it gets simpler. The more views your video has, the higher it will rank in the search engines. By following these nine key SEO strategies, you can help increase your video ranking in the search engines and get more views. So what are you waiting for? Optimize your video today!

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