12 Secrets to grow your youtube channel

Want to create stunning YouTube videos that help your channel grow? Have you wondered how to make videos that attract views and get them to watch your entire video?

This article will cover various tips that will help you achieve those goals and more. If you can produce stunning YouTube videos that keep people watching your videos, then you will be well on your secrets to growing your YouTube channel.

Want secrets to grow your YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands of subscribers? 

A big YouTube channel has a few advantages in itself. 

One of the advantages is the broad exposure your brand receives. This is because lots of people will see your video when you upload it. Another advantage is that you can easily use it to funnel people to your product offering.

Post At Least One Video Per Week

One Video Per Week

YouTube viewers like consistent content. In fact, this is probably the best 13 secrets to grow your Youtube channel. You want to post a video at least once per week. Ideally, you should post the video around the same time and same day of the week. 

This will begin to build a habit for people to check your channel, and their subscription box, for your video. Even better than uploading a video once per week is uploading a video multiple times per week. 

Viewers will constantly see your videos in their subscription box and watch them. Studies have even shown that YouTubers that upload more frequently get more views and subscribers. 

A few important points about uploading on a weekly basis are to make sure you are consistent. If you say you will upload every Wednesday, then make sure to upload every Wednesday. People will expect your videos on Wednesday. 

The other point is to make sure the quality of the videos stays consistent. It is difficult to consistently make a large volume of excellent videos, but that really is required if you want to actually grow your YouTube channel.

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Grow Your Youtube Channel and Grab Your Viewers Attention to Get 

Grab Your Viewers

The next important step is to grab the attention of your viewers within the first 10 or so seconds of your video. There are a few good ways to grow your Youtube channel  and a few bad ways to do this. 

The best way to grab their attention is to play an interesting clip in the beginning of the video. It can be something from the climax of the video, but without context. Or you can pose an interesting question that you will answer during the video. 

Those are probably the two most common introductions that YouTubers use. However, some YouTubers have very bad introductions. Typically those are intro sequences that are too long and do not relate to the video at all. 

Avoid that because people want to immediately see entertainment and a boring intro sequence is just not that entertaining.

Consistently Post New Videos

Consistently posting new videos is one of the keys to having a large YouTube following. Simply put, you cannot have a large YouTube channel if you do not upload consistently.

You want your viewers to think of you as a channel that consistently puts out amazing content. You do not want to be a channel that infrequently uploads videos at weird intervals. It just does not make your channel nearly as effective.

The best plan is to upload once per week on a specific day. However, the more you upload the better as long as your quality stays consistent.

Have a Strong Introduction

Strong Introduction

Now, consistently posting videos is good, but you need to put quality videos that engage your viewers. The first step of doing this is to have a substantial introduction to your video.

This is usually a question or a funny or interesting scene from your video placed at the beginning. This is called a hook because it hooks the viewer into watching the video.

A useful hook depends on the type of video. As mentioned earlier, it should be something that makes people interested in the video within the first 5 seconds.

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Effectively Use End Screens to Promote Your Other Videos

Use End Screens

Another great way to build up your channel is to use end screens that promote your other videos. Basically, an end screen is an overlay that appears at the end of the video that you can use to link to another video. 

End screens are another effective way to grow your channel. These are those video boxes that appear at the end of the video. You can use these to recommend your viewers watch other videos on your channel which will grow your following as people will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

An effective screen will usually recommend relevant videos or even the next part of the video if you have the video broken up. End screens are free to use, so there really is no reason that you should not use one in your next video.

You should link out to related videos at the end of your video. If they are interesting enough topics, then you can expect a decent amount of people to click over to the video. 

In the end, people watching more of your videos just increases the chances that they will eventually subscribe to your channel. Again, this is another method to build up a big following on YouTube.

Make Shorter Videos

Make Shorter Videos

YouTube and viewers like shorter videos. They are easier to watch and people are more likely to click on a video that is three minutes rather than a video that is ten minutes long. 

You should aim to make your videos under three minutes long. However, this is not feasible in all niches. In the event that you are in a niche that is not suitable for short videos, then take a look at the competition and see how long their videos are. Make your videos that length.

Do not make your videos needlessly long though. If you only have four minutes of content, then make a four minute people. It is much better to have a four minute video packed with information than to have a ten minute video that only has four minutes of information.

Promote Your Video and Channel

Finally, promoting your video and channel is one of the most important parts of getting big. You should not promote your video by leaving spammy comments all over random YouTube videos.

Instead, you should look for relevant videos and mention in the comments that you have a video that covers the topic better. You can also reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask them to mention your channel. Make sure to mention that you will mention their blog in your videos.

You will be surprised by the response.

Keep the Editing Tight and Fast

Proper editing is another vital part of making a good video. Nobody wants to see you stumble through lines or long sustained awkward pauses. You should edit any dead air out from your video and only put the best takes in your video. 

Furthermore, viewers tend to like short and fast video cuts. Basically, think of videos that have a speaker speaking for 5 to 10 seconds maximum. 

It makes the video appear to play faster and keeps people attention for a longer time. Obviously, this will not work for all secrets to grow your YouTube channels. However, if you have a large amount of talking, quick and fast cuts will work very well.

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Use Interesting Thumbnails

Interesting Thumbnails

Thumbnails are one of the most important parts of your video. They are basically a window into your video and you want them to be as interesting as possible. 

You can even upload a custom thumbnail, but many YouTube viewers view those as somewhat spammy. A good thumbnail will always have the most exciting part of the video in picture form though. This encourages people to click on the video.

They are a small window into what your YouTube video is about and extremely important.

First, a thumbnail should include a frame from your video. You can edit words onto it, but please do not use a picture that is not in your video. That is considered clickbait. YouTube does not like clickbait nor do YouTubers. If you use clickbait too often, then you can expect your videos to get flagged and to get a large amount of dislikes. 

Now, you can still make your thumbnails, and titles, exciting. Just make sure that the excitement in your title and thumbnail matches up with the content contained in your video.

Just make sure that the picture you use on the thumbnail actually happens in your video. If it does not, then your video is liable to get removed from YouTube. Even if it does not get removed from YouTube, you still might face a lot of angry comments and dislikes on the video.

People do not like being deceived.

Do Your Research

Many YouTubers ignore doing research about their YouTube competition for some reason. This is a mistake.

You should do a quick Google search and YouTube search about your topic before making a video. This will tell you if the topic has already been covered, but more importantly it will tell you if people want a YouTube video.

If a YouTube video already exists, then browse the comments and see what people are saying. Look for any complaints about the video, or blog article, and try to correct those mistakes in your video. 

Overall, this is a very small step, but doing something like this can really improve the odds of your video becoming popular when combined with a good promotion strategy (discussed later).

Upload Long Videos

Long videos are better than short videos for most channels. Ideally, you should have videos that are over 7 minutes long, but less than 13 minutes.

However, do not make a video needlessly long just to make it longer. In other words, if you only have a three-minute video, then do not fluff it up and turn it into a seven-minute video.

Now, despite long videos being generally better, short videos are not particularly bad. Plenty of people want to watch a video that is under three minutes because they can quickly view it and get on with their day. Meanwhile, a ten-minute video is a bigger time commitment.

Overall, video length is not super important. Just make sure that you tell your message and do not fluff up the video with stuff that your viewers do not care about.

Develop a Video Series

Developing a video series is another excellent way to build up a big following on YouTube. This is because people will eventually become interested in the series and want to keep watching the videos.

One caveat with a video series is that they do take a long time to become popular. However, you do not necessarily have to have a TV show style series on your YouTube channel. 

You could upload a video that follows a specific theme once per week. For instance, you could do a funny commentary on the current events that occurred over the week. This is a series, but each episode stands on its own, which makes it a little bit easier for people to follow.

Final Thoughts

Overall, growing a YouTube channel from a small number of subscribers to a large amount is not as difficult as you would probably think. Most people fail because they give up after a week or two of no results. 

However, if you can upload high-quality videos on a consistent basis for six consecutive months, then you should see your YouTube following begin to grow. The tips outlined above are a great general point to begin, too. They do not, however, cover the whole picture. Every industry has its own quirks that make growing a YouTube channel different.

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